I felt sorry for myself because my team lost to Vanderbilt at Homecoming…

… until I met Bill Connelly’s piece about Mizzou losing to Middle Tennessee.



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    Still wondering why we invited them to join…they won the East twice I know, but damn, just damn. Just not a good fit…would work better in the Sunbelt.


  2. AthensHomerDawg

    I still feel sorry for myself. We will be heading to into a meat grinder next week. Armed with Sabans playbook and CMR’s Offense. We do have Kentucky at their place…there is that
    Then we have to play Barners at home. I bet the smell of burnt bacon is still strong in the air this morning in Auburn. Gus will get bus detailed just for the trip to the Classic City. The Genius dismantled Vandy and it’s a home game to boot.
    Both teams will likely be 6-5. Fighting for that 7th win. 😦


    • I don’t see a second win, let alone a single win in the last 5 games. Given our ability to underwhelm, 4-8 is not an impossibility. After the weekend, though, I’m pretty confident the Florida and Auburn games are going to be biblical beatings the likes of which we haven’t seen since, well, the third week of the season.


      • Florida beat us 24-3 last year. I don’t think we lose like that this year.

        I think we lose to UF, but play them close.


        • I don’t see it right now. They have something to play for, and, other than pride, we don’t. I guess we’ll find out if our coaching staff can get these guys motivated to play these best game of the season. I haven’t felt like this about a Cocktail Party since 2009. God forbid we come out with black helmets on.


      • Russ

        ESPN showed Ole Miss scoring in the first half this season. Only once did they score over 30. Yeah…


        • Scorpio Jones, III

          New definition of insanity: Firing one of, if not the best, coach in the history of your program because he was not good enough. For your program.


  3. Cojones

    There are plenty of positives to take us through the season, albeit, individual players make up most of the positives. We have too many good players trying to make it for us to go belly-up with negatives. “Snakebit” applies to too many negative plays for us not to recognize that that is a factor also.

    Has anyone noted the players who have been redshirted and generally held out this year? Coupled with new recruits for next year, it could be an event horizon year for UGA in 2017, especially if we get these guys trained to be next year’s leaders. Is everyone satisfied that Chubb is completely up to snuff? What’s the general opinion of his performance this coming week?

    I guess that not knowing very much about this next weekend’s game is better than feeling like we will eat their lunch as I did before last year’s disappointing game.


  4. What is happening at Mizzou is/was every bit as predictable as what is happening at UGA. Both administrations had decisions to make and blew the call. The Mizzou president and Coach sided with the Black Lives matter crowd based upon erroneous information regarding what happened in Ferguson ,MO and on their campus and than gave credence to the rantings of some millionaire’s son who was pissed after losing his healthcare insurance as a direct and proximate result of the hope and change brought on by Obamncare. Mizzou handled virtually every aspect of that situation poorly resulting in both a fractured fan base and football team.
    Our administration also followed a vocal minority onto the change and hope bandwagon and left us hoping we might,maybe,somehow make it to the Weed-Eater Bowl. The fractures in both fan bases/teams could have been avoided if handled differently. (Saban ain’t got time for this shit.) We would be damn lucky to make it to the Belk or Gator Bowl this year and if we do make it to the Birmingham Bowl I’m afraid we lose to Middle Tennessee State or some other “directional U”. The fact we converted that fourth down pass against these guys does not make us better than them. Avoid the rush…fire Greg McGarity now.