Pigskin pinball

Really, yesterday’s Oklahoma-Texas Tech shoot out was just flat out nuts.  Really.

Here’s a list of some notable numbers from the game.

– The teams set an NCAA record by combining for 1,708 yards of total offense. Appropriately, each team had 854 yards of offense.

– Mahomes set an NCAA record with 819 yards of total offense in a game. He also tied the NCAA mark for passing yards with 734.

– Mahomes threw 88 passes. He just missed the NCAA record of 89 set by Washington State’s Connor Halliday.

– Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield was 27-of-36 for 545 yards and seven touchdowns. The seven scoring passes set a school record.

– Mahomes and Mayfield set NCAA records with 1,279 combined passing yards and 1,383 yards of total offense by two players.

– Sooners running back Joe Mixon scored five touchdowns, two on runs and three on receptions. He finished with 263 rushing on 31 carries and 4 receptions for 114 yards to become the first player in school history to reach 200 yards rushing and 100 receiving in the same game.

– The 125 combined points was just behind the NCAA record of 136 set by Navy and North Texas in 2007. The 125 points are the second-most in a game involving a ranked team.

– Texas Tech ran 109 total plays and was 20-for-25 on third-down conversions.

– Oklahoma ran 76 plays and averaged 11.2 yards per play.

The Big 12 is drunk.  When you’ve got a team that was pushed as a national title contender at the beginning of the season playing like that, hell, why not add a couple of AAC teams?  They’d fit right in.


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7 responses to “Pigskin pinball

  1. If this game is a foreshadowing of where college football is going, I’m not interested. The game has gotten so far tilted toward offenses now that it’s getting to the point where there’s no way in hell I would want to be a college defensive coordinator. How are we so bad on offense now with the rules tilted the way they are?


    • Mad Mike

      Because we’re sticking with the type of offense that was prevalent when 24-23 was a high scoring shootout. With a lights out, awesome defense and if the offense can move the ball some every possession it’s still a pretty serviceable scheme,see some of Bama’s teams before Kiffin. This year though, our defense isn’t, and our offense can’t.

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  2. DoubleDawg1318

    That doesn’t sound like fun football to me. If Georgia ever becomes an all offense/no defense kind of team like the Big 12, my support will diminish.


  3. AusDawg85

    I’ve seen lower scoring NBA all star games with more defense than that monstrosity of a game last night.


  4. Macallanlover

    Rule changes need to be made to restore the balance in CFB, it is becoming Arena Football and is uninteresting. Hard to watch many Big 12 games and some PAC 12 matchups. I understand we don’t return to the 13-10 type games but I am with the others, scores north of 40 regularly are out of control and closer to basketball. I want to see defensive stops, not just a continual forward march.


  5. Guess I am in the minority. I liked it and like a lot of the Pac 12 scoring jaunts. Take it any day of the week over what I used to see.