The spirit of Michael Adams lives on.

Damn, Kirby.  I expect better from an alumnus.


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  1. 69Dawg

    Political Correctness even in a combat sport has me worried that the end is near. Oh well as bad as this game has been since SOS came along it has been and will likely always be the WLOCP to the fans screw the administration.


  2. Lewis

    I think Kirby prefers to call it the “Annual Celebration of the Repeal of Prohibition”


  3. 81Dog

    I guess we’re even, then. Because I won’t ever call it anything BUT the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, except when using the diminutive “The Cocktail Party.”

    With all the things the current generation of bean counters, grievance mongers and snowflakes insist we have to embrace, THIS is what they get the flutters about? Go find a safe space, or get some grief counseling, if this bothers you.


  4. VoxDawg

    Imagine the hypocrisy when they finally allow alcohol sales in Sanford, but still refer to the WLOCP as something other than its rightful moniker.

    As an aside – how in the HELL does Don Leeburn let them get away with this? Anything less is bad business.


  5. lakedawg

    Kirby has a 50% interest in that river showdown t-shirt.


  6. This is what it looks like when The Georgia Way meets the Process.

    “After receiving an incident report last week, we determined that neither Roquan Smith nor Natrez Patrick had violated any Athletic Association rules that would require suspension,” UGA Athletic Director Greg McGarity said in a statement released by the school.“This included drug testing, which was negative for both student-athletes.”


    • DawgPhan

      I am really happy to see the drug testing thing get worked out. Good for Kirby to apply some common sense.

      I hope those players got a good talking to about keeping your mouth shut when around the police.


      • Yeah – it still wouldn’t be the Georgia Way without letting everybody know that you’re taking the moral high road by doing some drug testing, though. They could have simply said “no arrests were made and no citations issued so as far as we’re concerned – this is a closed matter.” May the Georgia Way forever live on.


    • Russ

      Well, that’s a bit of good news.


    • Granthams replacement

      You knew GM was getting the cups out as soon as he heard….


  7. VoxDawg

    Are they going to have both bands play selections from The Music Man?

    River City Showdown, my ass…


  8. waterloodawg

    Somebody hand Smart a fifth of bourbon in the fourth quarter and let’s see if he’s ready to call it by it’s real name by then.


  9. Macallanlover

    Another sad chapter when the PC flakes continue to win meaningless battles in the South and most just roll over. Folks buying those shirts should be ridiculed, as should those involved in starting and/or supporting, another tradition change.