“Are you trying to lead me in to saying the word?”

Uncle Verne, for the win:

“Verne, what’s that game called?” analyst Gary Danielson asked during an in-game promo during the CBS SEC broadcast over the weekend for this Saturday’s game.

Lundquist, retiring from calling football after this season, referred somewhat off script that it used to be called: “The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.”

Danielson replied: “Last year, what can they do to you?”

“What are they going to do fire me?” Lundquist said.

Now if he’ll only say something derogatory about Michael Adams this Saturday…


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19 responses to ““Are you trying to lead me in to saying the word?”

  1. 3rdandGrantham

    ‘Outdoor cocktail party’ is indeed offensive, so I salute the continued effort to forever erase this term and relegate it to the dustbin of history. #Rivercityshowdown #WarForTheOar

    “Then Georgia president Michael Adams along with Florida and the SEC in 2006 pushed for the “Cocktail Party” name to be put to a halt, particularly on CBS, in an effort to curb binge drinking by college students.”

    This effort indeed has helped to dramatically decrease binge drinking among college students, and I applaud Adams for this initiative. In fact, while visiting Jville for the ’13 game, the Friday night before the game all I saw were UGA and UF students and fans casually mingling while sipping Chai Lattes and Yoo-hoos. It was a delightfully cordial atmosphere, and the only alcoholic beverages being consumed were by the bartenders, who were frustrated by the lack of service and scant tips from serving such cheap drinks of choice.


    • Chopdawg

      lol I saw Adams at the Landing one year, wearing a stunned “you-mean-this-is-what-our-fans-do-on-Friday-night-before-the-game” look on his face, priceless


  2. 81Dog

    Uncle Verne doesn’t have to say anything malicious about Adams. He just has to tell the truth about what a sniveling, money grubbing, self-promoting, narcissistic weasel Czar Mike was. Just tell the truth, Verne. Something along the lines of “Compared to former UGA President Michael Adams, Charles De Gaulle was Gandhi-like in his self effacing humility.” That would do it about right.


  3. Will Trane

    Past two weekends I have watched Bama.
    Lundquist and Danielson CBS broadcast crew have handled both Bama games with Vols and Aggies.
    In last Saturday’s game both of them talked about Saban, Kiffin, Chavez, and the Aggie HC and OC. At length.
    I noticed they never referred to Jeremy Pruitt.
    They talk about the non-offensive TDs Bama has scored this season.
    Pruitt’s defense totally throttled the Vols and Aggies defense along with their much hyped QBs.
    Fran Tarkenton, you dumb ass, have you taken note of Pruitt’s coaching ability. After all you, and few more B-M rednecks, bitched about him last year at UGA. Unlike you all he is a winner…a champion.
    Have you taken notice of the Dawgs’ defense this year.
    There is a big difference in a Pruitt defense and a Tucker / Smart defense.
    Think not ask Vandy, Vols, and Ole Miss.
    As for CBS, you get what you pay for.


    • Uglydawg

      Not that I’m disagreeing here, But Vandy scored on a KO runback and then we stepped out of bounds on the the one. I’d say the offense was the problem..and the STs..
      But, yes, the defense was better under JP.
      The good new..there’s no where to go but up over the next 20 or so games.


    • Atticus

      Yes you are 100% correct. There is a big difference. The Bama defense has about 8-10 NFL draft picks and has 5 seniors and 3 juniors and they were recruited by Tucker and Smart. UGA may have 3-4 NFL players and is full of sophs a few juniors and 1 senior. A few recruited by Smart last year who are playing as true freshmen.The rest by Pruitt and Grantham.


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    Fuck a buncha cocktail party….what I want him to say is “Wow, I never thought Georgia would win by that much.”


    • Bulldog Joe

      +1 Why not have it both ways?

      “Florida’s play makes me believe they had too many cocktails last night.”


  5. Was anyone here at the 2005 Outback Bowl and do you remember the “FIRE MICHAEL ADAMS NOW!!!” plane banner flown over the stadium? I may or may not know who paid for that.


  6. Got Cowdog

    I would live to see him bitch slap Danielson mid-sentence. During the Alabama /Tennessee rematch when Danielson starts his speil about how much UT learned in their last meeting and how UT was likely to turn the tables and surprise Alabama. For being a dumbass.


    • Uglydawg

      LOL..I had to think about that for a second or two after reading it…I can’t imagine anything more bizarre than seeing Uncle Verne “bitch slap” Gary D. That would be a thing!


      • Got Cowdog?

        I had a serious reaction to Gary D during the UT game. Both teams were playing lights out in one hell of an exciting game, Kamara was running all over the field, Eason was living up to the billing and all Asshole Gary could talk about was the immense talent that is Jalen Hurd. Of course my recollections are a bit cloudy ……….


        • Russ

          Your recollections are indeed cloudy. Danielson fawned over Eason all game, saying he was the best QB since Stafford and how great he will be.