“Other than that, we’re in pretty good shape.”

What’s the over/under on how many of Florida’s defensive starters nursing injuries don’t return this Saturday?


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10 responses to ““Other than that, we’re in pretty good shape.”

  1. OrlandoDawg

    McElwain went on to say: “You know, it’s kinda sorta like I was gonna say before that one time when it buzzed around my head there for a minute, that really we know there was never any sorta chance these guys would ever miss the game but we just wanted, you know, a little strategery back and forth there, and they were never really hurt to begin with, knowhatimean?”


  2. Dawg in Austin



  3. rchris

    He said “today is in spiders”. That’s a phrase I’ve never encountered, and can’t find a definition for, though I assume it means the day is so inactive that spiderwebs are being spun around it. Am I just uneducated, or does McElwain have a gift for coining new phrases?


  4. Between Butch looking like Sgt. Carter and Mac looking like Jim Bob Dugger, these are strange and interesting times in the SEC East.


  5. AusDawg85

    Meh…they’ll all likely play and would rather have them at less than 100%.


  6. Mayor

    They’ll all play and be at 100%.


  7. All they really need is Jarrad Davis and Jim Bob’s bein’ real coy about him.


  8. Mark

    C’mon, it’s Georgia Florida: they will all play, and play well. That, or their replacements will play spectacularly.