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The next time somebody insists there isn’t enough money in college football to pay players…

… hit ’em with the details of Kirk Ferentz’ buyout.

► Even if he’s fired after this season for not winning enough games, the 61-year-old Ferentz would be owed more than $25 million, payable in monthly installments until 2026.

► He’s guaranteed an additional $22 million from 2021 through 2025 if he sticks around and wins at least seven games each season through 2020. It wouldn’t matter if he’s dismissed in 2021 after finishing 0-12.

► If that’s not enough, those guarantees wouldn’t even be reduced if Iowa fired him and he took a lucrative new job somewhere else.

Hell, that makes Notre Dame’s deal with Charlie Weis look downright prudent.  Now there’s something I never thought I’d type.



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Alabama’s gift to the college football world

For once, it really is about something good for the kids.

Instead, it essentially took another month for the magnitude of what had been accomplished to start becoming apparent.

It was Oct. 10. Georgia was playing Tennessee, and Bulldogs star running back Nick Chubb suffered his horrific knee injury near the sideline. In addition to the replays, CBS had an overhead camera and another nearby that caught every moment as the medical staff tried to help him. Chubb‘s agonizing pain was on full display for the world to see, even after being helped to the bench.

Wade Payne/Associated Press

Later that evening, Alabama was hosting Arkansas, and Crimson Tide linebacker Reggie Ragland was shook up during a play. As he headed toward the sideline, ESPN reporter Holly Rowe zeroed in when the tent sprang up.

“Her jaw just dropped,” Allen said.

Ragland turned out to be OK and returned to the field, and the tent became the story. When she finally got a chance to talk with Allen near the end of the game, her first question was, “What in the world is that?”

It was an immediate hit with the players.

“I love having that privacy,” senior linebacker Reuben Foster said. “I don’t want anybody from back home worried about me or nothing, or somebody to say the wrong thing because it’s really nothing. Just go out there, get an oil change and just come on back out.”

The tent had other advantages that had not been anticipated. As the season progressed, Allen and the other Alabama trainers found that the players were more comfortable and honest when shielded, and fans weren‘t yelling for them to “suck it up” and get back on the field. He especially saw a difference when dealing with concussion issues.

Fans can be such a classy bunch.


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Where there’s smoke…

Evidently Mike Leach isn’t the only Pac-12 coach having issues with Todd Graham’s sportsmanship.

Oregon coach Mark Helfrich wouldn’t specify what tactics the Ducks would use to keep the Arizona State Sun Devils from stealing signs on Saturday.

Last year the Ducks brought large white sheets to Arizona State and lined their sideline with them, hoping to obscure the view of the Sun Devils’ play signalers. Helfrich wouldn’t say if Oregon would be using those again this weekend.

“We’ll hopefully have something as effective this year,” he said.

Maybe they’ll fine the sheets.


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Sony Michel’s guarantee

Dial up his meet with the press yesterday to about the 1:05 mark to hear him promise this year’s game will be different from last year’s Cocktail Party.

I guess that means Brice Ramsey won’t be starting Saturday.


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Musical palate cleanser, everybody’s rockin’ edition

Cleveland in the World Series has gotten “Cleveland Rocks” back into rotation, but that song is actually a remake by Ian Hunter of his 1977 single, “England Rocks” (of which I am the proud possessor of the original 45), which… does.

I dare you to sit still while listening to that.  Can’t be done.


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