The next time somebody insists there isn’t enough money in college football to pay players…

… hit ’em with the details of Kirk Ferentz’ buyout.

► Even if he’s fired after this season for not winning enough games, the 61-year-old Ferentz would be owed more than $25 million, payable in monthly installments until 2026.

► He’s guaranteed an additional $22 million from 2021 through 2025 if he sticks around and wins at least seven games each season through 2020. It wouldn’t matter if he’s dismissed in 2021 after finishing 0-12.

► If that’s not enough, those guarantees wouldn’t even be reduced if Iowa fired him and he took a lucrative new job somewhere else.

Hell, that makes Notre Dame’s deal with Charlie Weis look downright prudent.  Now there’s something I never thought I’d type.


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25 responses to “The next time somebody insists there isn’t enough money in college football to pay players…

  1. Billy Mumphrey

    I am in the wrong business


  2. I have never understood the love affair with Kirk Ferentz. Sure, he turns out some offensive linemen, but when they play a team with any speed, he has no answer.

    Speaking of which, I think Christian McCaffrey just went 80 yards again.


    • Otto

      It is Iowa and he makes the Orange or the Rose about once every 5 yrs.


      • DawgPhan

        weird how those years coincide with the years that Iowa would miss OSU, MIch and MSU.


        • 3rdandGrantham

          Yep, and their OOC schedule yearly is an utter joke. Iowa Is the fake ID of CFB — they want to be treated as a big boy but their yearly schedule is borderline embarrassingly weak.


        • Irwin R. Fletcher

          Did you just say MSU as if dodging Sparty was somehow a historic necessity to winning in the Big 10?

          In 2015, they went to the Rose and played MSU, Wisconsin, NW and their out of conference was Iowa State, North Tx, Illinois State and Pitt.

          So I’m just not understanding the factual basis in the idea that they make the BCS games in years they dodge ‘UM, OSU, and MSU’ and that they play an awful OOC every year when they did play MSU in 2015 (and almost won) and scheduled two P5 schools which is more than Bama, LSU, Florida, or even Georgia could say about their 2015 slate of OOC cupcakes.

          In 2009 they played Ohio State, Michigan St AND Michigan…and a PSU team that finished in the top 10…and played Iowa State and Arizona in OOC games. But you know…they only win because soft scheduling. BTW, he’s 4-3 against the SEC in bowl games.

          I’m not an Iowa or Ferentz ‘fan’…but I sure do hate false information.


    • TheHandOfGod

      He’s at IOWA. This isn’t the 80’s. That he has a competitive team is achievement in and of itself


  3. rpcpisme

    I need a better agent.


  4. 81Dog

    all that money has to go somewhere. If the rules or laws don’t let it go to the players, it’s going where it goes now: the rest of the athletic department, facilities, coaches salaries. Money abhors a vacuum, big huge piles of money especially so.


  5. Jeff

    Was that a veiled reference to “hit em with the Hein”…I sure as hell hope so



    Money is no object, no doubt


  7. Smitty

    I think part of the answer has to be letting players go pro right out of high school. The NFL has to start a developmental program or something and stop relying on the colleges to develop players. They need to assume some of that cost. That’s to the only way to truly determine how much players are worth. I am a traditionalist, but I am also a free market supporter so I have mixed emotions, but paying players wont work if the NFL maintains its monopoly of when to allow players into the NFL.


  8. Will Trane

    Did not read the article.
    Vandy proved to me you do not have to be a big time money program to beat teams.
    Vandy now owns all three men’s programs at UGA.
    Just wondering since it is midweek of the Georgia – Florida game if those boys in Athens have what it takes to play big time SEC football anymore.
    Makes you wonder after seeing James Franklin and the PSU team Urban and the number 2 ranked Buckeyes.
    Is there a roster and coaching staff in Athens that can step and play SEC football anymore.


  9. Greg McGarity, your athletic director

    I just want to take this opportunity to remind everyone that it’s never too early to make your Hartman Fund donations. The reserve fund and its caretakers love to see that money flowing in, so get yours in today if you’re able to. We really do appreciate all of your support!



  10. SCDawg

    I have some wonderful ocean front property right outside of Des Moines available for purchase. Think I just found my buyer.


  11. Bright Idea

    Have to pay these coaches big in case they turn out like Briles and can never work again.


  12. DawgByte

    The pay for play Crusader is at it again!


  13. lakedawg

    With that crappy home schedule next year and both contribution and tickets going up ADGM is gonna have to find a new buyer for half of my 8 tickets.


    • Ray Goff

      Me too. Down to two next year. My 3500 per year goes to 500, 1000 thanks to my company match. That will get me two in section 331. Since I went to no games this year but Florida, makes me wonder why I spend that on these guys. I guess I’m hoping my youngest child gets in, since my oldest didn’t. But I’m not bitter….just got better things to do than spend my time getting old with the mediocre Dawgs. Makes me ill to think my my money will end up going to chickenshit contracts like that.


    • Chi-town Dawg

      Same with me lakedawg. I get 8 and a friend has been buying 2 from me for years. He already told me he no longer wants his 2 and will StubHub any tickets in the future. That leaves me footing the entire $7,300 for the donation and home game tickets, which ain’t worth it any longer and that doesn’t even include my Florida ticket cost. I’m trying to decide between going down to 4 tickets or going the StubHub route entirely for the 2-3 games a year I attend.


  14. 92 grad

    I am of the opinion that there is too much money flowing into P5 athletic associations and it’s only a matter of time when someone has the courage to put their foot down and do something about it.


  15. Macallanlover

    Not sure Senator, thought Weiss had 3 years at $10MM for a total of thirty million. And I think he got the new contract before his first season had ended. But that is several jobs and contracts ago for Charlie so I may have the details mixed up. Regardless, these long term TV and coaching contracts are going to bite a lot of people as the surrounding economics change.