“That’s not what we want Georgia to be all about.”

You’ve come a long way from the Celebration, baby.  Though I’ll believe it when I see it.



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24 responses to ““That’s not what we want Georgia to be all about.”

  1. ugafidelis

    Beat. The damn. Gators.


  2. When I hear Zo Carter say take the emotion out of the game and treat it like South Carolina, that’s scares the living daylights out of me. The problem the last couple of years has been that we didn’t play with emotion. Channel the emotion into playing your best. It sure would help if we would block somebody and control the line of scrimmage.


    • Jeff Sanchez

      Yep. “Just another game” rubbed me the worng way, too.

      Hopefully that’s just press talk


      • The Truth

        I can live with the “just another game talk,” if you’re playing every game like it’s Ga-Fla. You do that and you don’t get beat by Vandy. I expect a high level of preparedness and emotion for every game.


    • Sanford222view

      I think he just meant you need to be focused and ready for every game.


      • I hope that’s what he meant. Given we haven’t played with great emotion other than for parts of the UNC and Tennessee game, I don’t need any more support that this team isn’t playing on the edge emotionally.


  3. Don’t fall apart when something bad happens. When you’re playing against a team that believes they have a birthright to win there, you can’t be mentally weak the first time something doesn’t go your way. Florida waits on something to go wrong for us, then pounces.


  4. Cosmic Dawg

    Unfortunately, I don’t think this Kirby Smart team will have any problem coming out emotionless for their coach on Saturday.

    I am making this observation from very far away, of course, but starting last year – and intensifying this year – the Dawgs seem to have lacked spark and….joy for the game.


    • You’re not wrong there. I think when the team knows you can’t score consistently enough to put anyone away that you’re margin for error is super small. That has to be a draining feeling.


  5. See here’s the thing: this is all part of the process. CKS knows that you can’t rely on gimmicky ‘storm the end zone’ emotional moments to beat Florida. He’s not building a heart and soul team; they have to be machine like and play exactly the same way whether they’re up 20 or down 20. Like the German national soccer team … they destroyed Brazil in the last WC, not because they are necessarily more talented, but they are more focused and consistent and keep coming at you. Brazil, on the other hand, is a heart and soul team, and when they were down 2 and then 3, they just gave up. CKS is trying to build a team that doesn’t give up when they’re behind, and when they’re ahead, they keep coming at you. Now, I’ll admit that the ‘just another game’ talk reeks of mental gymnastics; everyone knows this is not just another game. But the genius, the CKS edge, is instilling a mental discipline that is not susceptible to the emotional ups and downs of college football. Eventually we might even have enough talent and the right bodies to win that way; in the short term, this could be painful to watch. But the vision to have a dominating team is refreshing.


  6. Macallanlover

    I have no concern with Carter’s statement, an athlete should take the opportunity to play “full-out” in every game, and on every play. They should do so for pride, passion, and competitive reasons (also reduces the risk of injury). The bigger games will automatically get the adrenaline flowing and put a pep in their step. You cannot help but get amped for certain situations but putting “fake juice” to it can create a tightness that leads to mistakes. Pitchers often try to overthrow in certain pressure situation, so do QBs. Kickers and golfers tend to “over swing” when trying to get more out of certain kicks and shots. Practice like you want to play, the game will add something extra all its own.

    These guys practice, or work out, for over 300+ days a year to get the chance to show what they have just 13 times. It is hard to understand why they don’t approach every game as being very significant. Not necessary to assign additional emphasis to a rival game, or one that means a key victory. If you think that doesn’t get done on its own by all the surrounding hoopla, you have definitely never been in any sporting arena. Our guys will give their all in the bigger games, you should never worry about that, even if they end up getting blown out. The issue is the smaller games which don’t get the media and fan buzz, that one is on the the coaches to make sure they prepare, and play, near peak level.