“The early signing date will become the signing date.”

Let’s just say that any article warning the general population about the perils of an early signing date citing these two paragons of virtue…

Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott and Sankey of the SEC are the two major conference commissioners against the legislation, united by the belief that academics and recruiting cultural issues aren’t being fully considered. “If you are just looking at it from the recruiting process, that’s not what should be driving our decision,” Scott said. “It should be rooted in values, academic priorities and principles and the long-term interest of the student athletes.”

… is an article I’m not going to take seriously.  At all.  Which is kind of shame, because if there’s anything those two guys are synonymous with, it’s values, academic priorities and principles and the long-term interest of the student athletes.



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7 responses to ““The early signing date will become the signing date.”

  1. Lrgk9

    College Presidents saying it’s all about the Student Athlete are like a Politician saying it’s about the principle.

    Like Leonard Cohen says, “Everybody Knows” – it’s about the money.


  2. KershDawg

    I understand your theory that the early signing period is bad for the schools in that they can drop the lesser-recruited athletes before signing day. But isn’t it entirely true what these two are saying as well? I don’t get the one-sidedness of your arguments on this topic. This could be bad for the higher recruited players but good for those commits who might not receive an NLI in February because they were recruited over.



    I see no need for a signing date period. They offer, you sign..binding on both sides.

    The show it has become has gotten out of hand.


    • Yep – holds both players and coaches accountable. It’ll never happen though for precisely the latter reason.


    • The Dawg abides

      That’s what Fish Fry the Genius has been preaching for years. Of course, his reason is to keep his commits from bailing once they get a better offer.


  4. I don’t believe an early signing date will happen in football. The WWL needs material to fill a Wednesday in early February. They will exert any pressure they can with the conferences to keep the status quo.


  5. Macallanlover

    Many of the prima donnas will hold off until the bright lights and microphones show up. Doubt those ratings on a Wednesday morning are too impressive.