Keeping the cocktail in the Cocktail Party

It’s rare when I find it necessary to step back and offer a correction to something Seth Emerson writes, but I feel I can’t stay silent in the face of this observation:

But I’d also like to push back on the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party name. Not out of political correctness, but accuracy: How many cocktails do you actually see there? My walk from the media parking lot to the stadium is usually strewn with cans of Bud Light and maybe, for the high-class set, a Michelob. It’s a fun scene, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not like people are sitting around holding garden parties and sipping Martinis with their pinky fingers extended.

To quote Donald Trump, WRONG.

At least that’s the case for my group, which has been making the trek for more than thirty years, and starts early and often with Bloody Marys, only to continue with bourbon mixed with various substances.  Yes, beer is also consumed, but we’re fairly democratic in our alcohol usage.  (Not to mention that one member of our group specializes in putting together bizarre shooter concoctions and talking Gator fans into drinking them.)  I should also mention that beer doesn’t smuggle well into the game… not that I have any direct knowledge of that, of course.

Anyway, if you look around the various tailgates that surround us, there are plenty of others with elaborate bar setups.  We’ve all, Bulldog and Gator alike, earned that WLOCP designation.

Seth, you gotta get out more.




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35 responses to “Keeping the cocktail in the Cocktail Party

  1. illini84

    Some people actually don’t drink before, after or during games. I don’t give a fuck what they call the game.


  2. paul

    Well Seth does admit in a separate post that he’s married, has a young child and doesn’t have much of a social life anymore. We’ve all been there. Now our children join us at our tailgates. And if I’m lucky, in a few years I live to see our grandchildren join us at our tailgates. The circle of life. Que the Disney song.


  3. Hardcoredawg 93

    Michelob is high class? Good to know.


  4. Russ

    Yeah, Seth needs to mingle more. Even in my beer drinking days, there was always more cocktails around.


  5. Macallanlover

    Seth does seem a bit out of touch these days. Pretty lame article, obvious he misses the whole point, it is ALL about PC, nothing else. His new employer is driven by that silliness so perhaps they triued to get him to try some diversion. Also, I think the designation applies to more than just the parking lot before and after the game, it is a multi-day event.


  6. Waltondawg

    That is funnny. I always thought the term WLOCP was more of a reference to the amount of cocktails consumed INSIDE during the game as opposed to the ones outside while tailgating but guess both apply. Of course there was a time when you could make a drink at the tailgate and carry it straight into the game. Makes me wonder if Seth has ever been to the game as a fan and not a reporter.


    • illini84

      And you could easily take booze into Georgia games until the moron through a bottle off the upper deck and permanently disabled the person they hit. PC to give a shit about that too.


    • Russ

      I never really noticed it because we were always drinking, but I had a friend that was a team manager and he said when they walked into the Gator Bowl, it reeked of bourbon.

      I miss the old Gator Bowl. Sure, it was a dump but great viewing inside the stadium. The new corporate stadiums are too sterile.


    • Chopdawg

      This. Highly unlikely you’ll drink a Michelob inside the stadium, but you might well go to the concession stand, buy a big souvenir cup full of ice, then slyly pour your airline bottle(s) of bourbon into the cup…



    The AJC is full of idjits.


  8. It’s crap like this from Emerson that makes me want him to go away.


  9. Castleberry

    Seems like an opportunity for a small-scale Montana project.


  10. Hogbody Spradlin

    Bourbon and Coke isn’t a cocktail?


    • down island way

      According to the commercial airline industry, rum and coke is a cocktail. Once a dawg…always a sweet it is! GO. DAWGS!


  11. Was the name dropped because of an aversion to alcohol consumption or because too much alcohol was being consumed?


  12. Macallanlover

    Our holy ex-prez didn’t want an institution of higher learning associated with an event that implied drinking might occur somewhere near by. As I said above, just more PC madness.

    It has gotten so bad that we have friends who will not have even one glass of wine if they have to drive home. Imagine, several hours to allow moderate alcohol to metabolize and one person must not drink even one drink. Craziness. Cannot see how bars stay in business with this over reaction to government intimidation.