The most Georgia thing ever…

… would be for the Dawgs to squeak into a bowl game after a 5-7 regular season.

I can already hear Kirby face the press by saying he doesn’t care about the record and that it’s good for the program to get the extra bowl practice.

McGarity, on the other hand, would probably disconnect his cell phone service for the month of December.



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17 responses to “The most Georgia thing ever…

  1. HVL Dawg

    Kirby: “We are excited to be playing a very talented Miami team in the Camping World Independence Bowl. I know our fans appreciate the opportunity to watch the Bulldogs compete against Mark Richt’s team.”



    I heard one of the guys who does bowl projections say that they will be from 6 to 8 5-7 teams needed to fill all the slots..


  3. Bright Idea

    I fear that even if we go 8-4 some of our players ain’t gonna’ be thrilled about “getting more physical” during December. The coaches would be better off focusing on recruiting than going to Shreveport or Birmingham.


    • The Dawg abides

      See that’s why if I was Kirby, I would want the extra practices. That’s going to be prime processing time for those not buying in.



    Ok, read the article..Belk Bowl vs Miami…this place would be a hoot if that happens.


  5. And our fans will crow about how we did it the right way because of that superior APR score. Georgia Way gonna Georgia Way, I guess.


  6. hassan

    Uh…right now, even getting 5 wins looks like a challenge.


    • Bulldog Joe

      True. There’s a very good chance we won’t get there.

      But that Miami-Colorado State match-up looks interesting, especially if the Rams start their backup QB.


  7. David H.

    Speaking of going to a bowl game at 5-7: Nebraska last year was in a very similar position to what we are in this year. They had fired a coach who was a consistent winner but could not get them over the hump to win a championship (personality-wise, Pelini was a polar opposite of Richt, of course). In Mike Riley’s first year, the team regressed to 5-7 (but won a bowl), and their fans were wondering whether they had made the right move. Nebraska has improved in Riley’s 2nd year, but the jury’s still out on Riley and, of course, on Smart.

    I’m really hoping it doesn’t come to 5-7, though. That would be some serious underachieving, even with our talent deficit at OL and WR and the youth at QB.


  8. Life is Good!

    I can’t remember in my adult life being this disgusted with my collective sports teams. The Falcons are the lone exception. I do, however, expect them to poop their pants any time now.
    Like. At this very moment. My phone should go off and tell me that Matt Ryan’s arm just complete fell off his body while walking down the street. Some rare disorder that made the arm auto-detach.
    And before they could reattach it, a swarm of soldier ants from Brazil that made it to the US during Hurricane Matthew and were lost in Suwannee, Georgia, happened upon it and carried into a nest where it became a nursery/nourishment center for the generation of soldier Ants that will soon be digging tunnels under Philips Arena weakening the foundation sufficiently enough so that the Arena implodes on the entire Hawks team as they start their playoff run with what could be the best ATL team since Dominique. The reverberations of which awaken a sleeping ancient, deadly Protozoa that infiltrates the water supply at the Braves new stadium thereby giving the entire Braves organization some sort of super-dysentery. That lasts exactly 6 months. As the bodies of the casualties are burned in Atlanta, the infectious smoke flows out to Athens, Valdosta, Warner Robbins, Commerce, Dalton, Tifton, Statesboro, Sylvania, etc. Somehow preventing men from being able to produce male descendants. And in the absence of testosterone, Democrats reclaim Georgia politically and Tech becomes the state superpower.


  9. Mayor

    Nothing to worry about. Before that could happen the Dawgs would have to beat U La La…..