The Process, in twelve words

Well, presumably he was focused on Florida, too.



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22 responses to “The Process, in twelve words

  1. If there wasn’t gallows humor there would be no humor at all…


  2. Grathams replacement

    Senator, I thought you were apathetic to the rest of the season?


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    Kirby’s mentor once opined that bowl practice interfered with recruiting…but Saban did manage to find time to practice.


  4. Chi-town Dawg

    Am I the only person who’s already sick n fucking tired of hearing all about “The Process” bullshit like it’s some type of cure for cancer and panacea for everything else that ails the world. It reminds me of my days as a management consultant when “Y2K” or “Straight Through Processing” were all the buzzwords. I guess this is what we hang our hats on when your team’s performance continues to regress as the year unfolds and wins are far less than expected.


    • Biggus Rickus

      The only people I see going on about The Process are the people who want to mock Smart.


      • Chi-town Dawg

        It cuts both ways – not only people mocking Kirby, but also Kirby defenders using it as an excuse for the poor on field results.


  5. David K

    We’re favored by 3 on the road in Lexington?????????? What the hell, Vegas?


  6. Kirby sounds like Goff with better syntax….My head hurts.


  7. Go Dawgs!

    Kirby, your lightning focus on the next game hasn’t really worked. Maybe it’s time to start answering questions.


  8. Has Kirby actually ever stated that he would use the Saban “process” as his base coaching philosophy, or are we all just making this crap up?


    • One presumes he is following a blueprint from his long tenure as an assistant to Saban. Probably a safer bet than: Kirby chunked all that bullshit that was successful in T-town and is just making it up as he goes.

      Although I can see where one might think the latter is the case.


  9. lakedawg

    Wish that base coaching philosophy would kick in before the last game!


  10. MGW

    Vandy was a surprise and definitely some things could be going better, but looking back our best hopes for an offense before this season started were a freshman quarterback and an FCS transfer left tackle. I mean how good was anyone really expecting this season to be?


    • I was expecting a good enough season that UGA wouldn’t have struggled against a middling FCS team, nearly faced its worst loss ever to a conference opponent or lost at home to Vanderbilt.

      I guess that’s the curse of having high expectations. But that’s me.


      • Derek Dooley 2.0

        Those $%^& high expectations! It’s silly of us not to expect the worst beating in program history at the hands of, what has turned out to be, a pedestrian Ole Miss team. Who wouldn’t have seen the obvious superior talent coming to town from West End Avenue in Nashville? And Freshmen QB’s can be expected not to produce against the stellar likes of Nicholls State & the worst South Carolina team in recent memory. Heck. We did super against a Tennessee team that is obviously back to it’s MNC form. Those guys are beasts! Players are beating down those locker room doors to play there now. And we had them! Look at how in sync we looked against the Super sleek highly respected Tarheel squad. And man. Those Columbia Tigers are tremendous. And don’t get me started on how good we looked for 3 quarters against those Lizards from Gainesville. We’ve done pretty dawg gone well for a first year HC and a Frosh QB. Especially considering CMR left the cupboards bare with an OL that reeks like potty water. The East is so super swole right now, 4-4 is f’in respectable, I say. Carry On, Kirbster!! This is all part of the ultimate plan. We don’t have time for silly stuff like W’s & L’s & Bowl games!! Those are for p@$$&*. We’re thinking Bigger Picture Here! Moribund games are an obvious growth indicator.


  11. Bulldog Joe

    I expected us to struggle as most teams who are starting over do.

    But with very few upperclassmen on the roster, I also expected to see improvement in the second half of the season as the players get experience and the coaching staff develops chemistry and adjusts to the talent on the roster.

    Aside from improvement in the defensive front seven, the quarterback, and the placekicking, the rest has yet to materialize, especially on offense and special teams.

    This is especially troubling, considering the relatively good physical shape the team is in compared to previous seasons.


    • 1smartdude

      I give up! Starting over? Find me one single post anywhere, before Richt was canned or before the season started, where someone thought we were starting over. This wasn’t supposed to be a rebuild, remember? It was supposed to be maintain and get us to the next level. What we all failed to take into account when asking to take a different direction, is that there are also more levels than just those above us.


  12. 69Dawg

    Well if you are going to take 3 years to get it done and you want to look better in the second year there’s no better way than to take a dive in the first year. It might have worked too but Ole Miss just didn’t cooperate and have as great a team as their total beat down of us would have indicated. And damn if we didn’t almost beat UT it took a massive effort by our special team and defensive coaches to lose it with a mere 10 seconds left. Now everyone knows that the way to measure just how bad your team is is to lose to Vandy. This a game were it was really hard to lose it once again took the defense to fold in the end to let them score the winning points. I’m sure once we lose to Kentucky and Auburn Kirby will be satisfied with his ability to take this years record and improve on it next year. Otherwise he still has ULL and Tech to fall back on. This Process thing is really quit good for a new HC.