“They’ve got a good football team, but everybody’s got a good football team in the SEC.”

One other disturbing thing about Saturday’s result is that for the most part Georgia didn’t mail it in, unlike, say, as it did for Nicholls or Ole Miss.  And yet, it wound up being a game that got away from the Dawgs in the second half.

“In the SEC, it’s like this every week,” Smart said. “Our kids were geeked up today and wanted to play well because they had worked really hard. This is not going to be about Kentucky. It’s going to be about us and making sure we’ve got the right shoulder pads and shoes strapped up and ready to go.”

In essence, it was a rerun of Vanderbilt, except Florida is a better overall team.  What that says, then, about this Georgia team isn’t a pleasant thing.

The SEC East quartet of Kentucky, Missouri, South Carolina and Vanderbilt were the league’s lone programs last season to miss out on bowl games last season, and little was expected of them this time around. Kentucky (5-3), South Carolina (4-4) and Vandy (4-4) now have a shot at the postseason, with Georgia sliding into that category as well with tests against Auburn, Louisiana-Lafayette and Georgia Tech occurring down the road.

We have met the mediocrity, and he is us.


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13 responses to ““They’ve got a good football team, but everybody’s got a good football team in the SEC.”

  1. jt (the other one)

    Come Senator! We aren’t mediocre…we are below mediocre!

    Its almost as if we are purposely clamping down on ourselves…that is the feeling I get. Constrict ourselves because…???


    • paul

      Unfortunately, mediocre is aspiration for this team. Who among us wouldn’t love to see mediocre special teams play at this point? Mediocre blocking would be a 100% improvement. Come to think of it, mediocre is my mantra for the remainder of the season. Go Dawgs! Be mediocre!


  2. OrlandoDawg

    2 months in and Kirby is making stupid comments that we’ve got to wear the right shoes and shoulder pads to the next game. This is really going well.


    • Chi-town Dawg

      If he goes all Derek Dooley and starts talking about lessons in personal hygiene and proper showering techniques, then I will renounce my UGA alumni status. Absolutely embarrassing!


    • illinidawg

      He’s just not as as brilliant as the down-in-the-mouth geniuses here.


    • Dawgy

      This coaching staff has problems. This BS about lack of talent is not supported by facts. Lack of talent compared to whom? Nicholls State, Vanderbilt, Missouri? Play calling is a mystery. Special Teams worse than the “No Special Teams Coach” teams of the last 15 years.
      Give him time? What progress can we point to from game 1 to game 8?
      Good coaching should be evident. Don’t see it!


    • HVL Dawg

      Remember when Ray Goff said about Steve Spurrier, “Me n hims prolly best friends.”

      To this point that is the stupidest thing a UGA coach has ever said.

      Keep a watch on Kirby. You never know.


  3. Godawg

    You mean we have not been wearing the right shoes ans shoulder pads? That’s been the problem? Shit Kirby, that’s all you had to say!


  4. Equipment managers fault who woulda thunk it


  5. Russ

    Well, at least we’ll be able to give bowl eligibility to Vandy, Kentucky, and Tech. You’re welcome.


  6. The Truth

    Where’s Jim Mora, Sr. when you need him, or Allen Iverson: “Shoulder pads?!? Shoulder pads!?!”


  7. 69Dawg

    Kirby thought he picked up the head coach’s Book of Great Quotes but instead he got hold of the Nike order book.