Gloria Johnson is the worst Tennessee coach ever.

This is how you go negative with political ads in Urnge Country.


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3 responses to “Gloria Johnson is the worst Tennessee coach ever.

  1. Since this blog is about politics .et me inject a controversial comment here with regards to where the Dawgs are right now. Please take this as a joke. The athletes are #bad hombres, the cheerleaders are #nasty women, the Dawgs fans are #deplorables including yourself, and the coaches are #liars to be put in prison.


  2. Mike

    I am not exactly unbiased, but what would he be sacrificing if Kirby was trying to maximize wins today? What different decisions might he have made? The only one I can come up with is starting Lambert over Eason. And one could argue even that might be a better long term decision, what with the pounding Eason has been taking.

    For example, in a previous thread, the good Senator shows an analysis where Eason bailed out of the pocket unnecessarily. Mostly due to the pounding he took on previous plays. Could one argue that this might develop into a long term problem for Eason?

    Just wondering