“In retrospect, you can look back and say, ‘Why did you play him?’”.

Seriously, can anybody explain something Kirby Smart said about Solomon Kindley’s future to me?

When Solomon Kindley stepped in for a third-and-short against Missouri, it appeared to be the first of many plays the freshman from Jacksonville, Florida, would see in his first season.

But Kindley hasn’t seen the football field since and may not be eligible for a redshirt as a result. Georgia head coach Kirby Smart is holding out hope that the Bulldogs can work out something to get him a redshirt in the event he doesn’t see another snap this year.

Smart said Kindley has battled some injuries to where Georgia could possibly look into a medical redshirt. In addition, because he played one snap over the first four games of the season, Smart believes there may be a way to get a redshirt even without the medical designation.

But nothing is certain when it comes to whether Kindley will get back this year of eligibility.

“We’re basically looking into all those with him to hopefully get it back,” Smart said. “But to be honest with you, if he’s a really good player down the road like we think he will be then he may not play that next year anyway.”

The kid was good enough for the staff to burn his redshirt in his true freshman season, but if he turns out to be really good, he’ll redshirt for sure as a sophomore?  So what would that say about Kindley if Kirby figures out a way to redshirt him for 2016 after all?



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25 responses to ““In retrospect, you can look back and say, ‘Why did you play him?’”.

  1. Corey

    Sounds to me like Kirby’s saying Kindley will going pro after his (hopefully) redshirt junior year. That’s my take.


  2. 81Dog

    is this what the Process defines as “roster management”?


  3. Jim

    Smart was asked why he played him in a press conference after the game. Of course he answered the question in a way that berated and belittled the reporter for even asking.


  4. Russ

    I heard whispers of the process when Kirby said he may get a retroactive medical red shirt. I could imagine one of the “quality control specialists” lurking in the corner with a crowbar aiming for a knee. Processed.

    But yeah, this kind of roster management when our line has performed as poorly as it has is baffling.


    • Chi-town Dawg

      I’m glad the new coaching staff is finally paying attention to details like roster management, clock management, special teams, etc. Those parts of the program are no longer lacking (spoken with tongue in cheek).


      • Gaskilldawg

        Yeah, the “talent is lacking” excuse doesn’t explain roster management, clock management, and special teams issues.


  5. Bill

    Smart’s talking about the potential fifth year, not his sophomore year.


  6. Allen

    Agreed with Corey’s interpretation, but that does not make the quote any less infuriating. Potentially burning a redshirt based on a one play in the third game of the year is EXACTLY the type of unorganized, haphazard, short-term decision making that Kirby and his obsessive attention to detail, maniacal work-ethic and army of analysts and staffers was supposed to avoid.

    Yet here we sit with bizarre and incoherent time management strategies, continued struggles getting the correct amount of players on the field, sloppy special teams strategy & execution, schizophrenic and short-sighted roster mgmt (nice work on the OL Michael Barnett) and non-nonsensical personnel-packages (hail mary to Godwin & I-Mac anyone?). That is all very basic stuff that has nothing to do with a lack of talent on the O-line or predictable play-calling, and our failure thus far at all of it indicates a head coach unprepared (or worse incapable) for the job and drinking from a fire hose.

    The optimist could see that as reason to believe things will get better once Kirby gains experience. And certainly these issues would be acceptable, albeit annoying, if the overall play on the field was at a reasonably high level (see Richt, Mark). But coupled with stagnant / worsening in-game performance sinking to levels not seen since the 90’s, the failure to do the “easy” things right is even more glaring. Given that, I’m afraid the pessimist in me is winning the battle at the moment, and I’m very worried the Peter Principle will be biting us in the ass for the next three years. I sincerely hope I’m wrong, but thus far Kirby and staff have given zero indication to believe otherwise.


  7. doofusdawg

    I wonder if Simmons and Languins are good enough to be put in this category… what ever the hell this category actually is. But it’s obvious Kirby had hoped to get a lot of second team guys some reps in a couple of games that were out of reach… unfortunately Oxford is the only one that comes to mind.


  8. I have no doubt the next coaching staff will appreciate Solomon having three years of eligibility left.



    This is a fair criticism…no doubt…


  10. hailtogeorgia

    By ‘that next year’, I’m taking it to mean he’s saying he wouldn’t play the 5th year, because he would be in the NFL…not that he wouldn’t play next year (his sophomore year).


  11. Keese

    Kirby is a blabbering idiot with no real idea about what he wants nor a way to accomplish


  12. Dawgy

    Hasn’t Hollyfield been in for like 3-4 plays?


  13. DawgPhan

    Dont worry guys….Kirby has a plan. This is just more proof of that plan. If you dont see that, you havent bought in.


  14. I know Kirby has the team looking pretty sorry right now, but you guys are really starting to nit pick. Kirby said they had planned to play the guy more, but there have not been opportunities. I don’t know, but maybe if Kirby had suspended those two guys for suspicion of having pot, like Richt would have done, he would have had room on the travel roster to Florida for Kindley.