One good thing about this season

We won’t have the “Georgia needs a special teams coordinator to fix its special teams problem” or “if only the head coach were more animated on the sideline” memes to kick around any more.


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12 responses to “One good thing about this season

  1. stoopnagle



  2. 81Dog

    Also, “This is the worst 10 win team EVER. Totally unacceptable!”


  3. Mary Kate Danaher

    True, but I’m sure we’ll make do with “The Process” meme. And let us not forget our old friend, “The Georgia Way”.


    • AusDawg85

      If the season is bad enough, we probably won’t get everybody’s “best shot” anymore, so there will be another dead meme. Sorry MK. 😉


  4. Diving duck

    Feels good to come full circle


  5. Rick

    Hey, but now we’ve got this awesome new ‘the coach isn’t very good at coaching football and that fact is reflected in the results in the field because now we lose quite a lot, which is actually a good reason to, you know, fire a football coach’ meme.


  6. Jared S.

    Maybe it’s a whole lot harder to win in the SEC East than everyone thinks it is. Hmmm.


  7. paul

    Well, to be honest, we do still need a special teams coordinator to fix our special teams. Beamer has got to go. Preferably before the end of the season. Kirby has the animated thing covered though.


  8. jntiii

    I thought all of these problems could be chalked up to inadequate talent left by the previous staff.


  9. Cosmic Dawg

    Didn’t we just get a mini-lecture on self-discipline and running onto the field a few weeks ago?

    “He does it because it’s a rule, you get warnings as a head coach or any coach for being on the field,” Smart said. “You don’t want a 15-yard penalty and [the referees] often threaten us. They give you one warning. Once I get one warning I tell him, I better not get a 15–yard penalty or it’s on you.”



  10. ugadawgguy

    Thank you. THANK YOU.

    Particularly with regard to the “animated on the sideline” thing. Richt’s sideline demeanor had NOTHING to do with the 2-3 games his teams typically lost most years.

    And having a coach who jumps, screams, and flails like an idiot during games clearly is not the panacea many seemed to believe it would be.