Putting his financial aid where his mouth is.

Quarterback of the future Jake Fromm has signed financial aid papers with Georgia.

Fromm has maintained throughout his recruitment that Eason being at Georgia has no bearing on his decision.

Apparently Georgia’s offensive line being at Georgia has no bearing on his decision, either.


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  1. Russ

    Good news. I’d heard that he was close to decommitting due to some overly harsh blog comments. Luckily, some voices of reason arrived just in time to shut ‘er down!



    • I just wanted to let Classof78UGA know his efforts today were not in vain.

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      • Mad Mike

        Holy sh@$, I just read that entire comments section. The the actual hell?! I can’t decide if that guy is delusional, just a crappy troll, or what.


        • Otto

          Well he didn’t what a troll was so….

          Well played Senator.

          On topic, Fromm knows Smart has 3 to 5 years before he would be fired or a wealthier program hires him away, in a coaching world where most coaches can jump at any given time. If successful Smart likely isn’t going anywhere other than possibly Bama and he would have to prove himself with a couple of 10 win seasons, pushing that timeline further out. Pittman over time has built some solid OLs. Eason likely plays 2 more years, putting Fromm in position to start as a red shirt Soph.

          If I were Fromm I would get on campus early, learn the play book, and get an under grad as soon as possible. If things goes south, he then has the option of using Graduate Transfer rules to find a new team.


        • PTC DAWG

          Trolling trolling…shocked The Senator Bit…


      • ApalachDawg

        I’ve been so worried for our friend from North Ave


  2. sectionzalum

    HA! try the veal – the Senator will be here or 2 shows a night all week!


  3. DawgPhan

    So financial aid papers refresher course.

    So this guy probably will not sign an LOI.

    He isnt here officially until he attends class.

    We can talk about him, unlike other committed recruits.

    He can still go to another school. Right now we have committed to giving him financial aid, but he isnt a lock to go to school in athens. He could still sign financial aid papers with another school and an LOI with a 3rd school?

    All that aside..the kid seems to be a great QB.

    I wonder if this means anything for Lawrence. Any chance we sign like 3 straight crazy good QBs in 3 straight classes?



    Kirby is on it guys….


    • It’s been by far the strongest part of his game this year. And if you have to start somewhere to build this program, that’s the best place.


      • Russ

        Kirbyphile! I knew it!


      • AusDawg85

        What the hell is Jacob Eason? If the program needed “building” and QB is the place to start, then what the hell have we got now? If this was the signing of the #1 OL or even DL in the country, I get it and would be excited. Fromm is not the “start”, at least not for Kirby. Will be too late by then. Let’s hope he’s the “continuation of what’s been started”, right? Otherwise, Fromm is the “start” for the next guy to build around.

        Did I miss your point?


      • PTC DAWG

        Correct, it is his recruiting I am relying on…


  5. Will Trane

    The word you hear is he is a talent.
    I pull against the Cats only one time a season.
    But Friday night I will be pulling for Jake and Houston County.
    That will be a very good game.
    Houston County has had some good teams in recent years, and Valdosta High, well it is legendary.
    Congrats to Jake and his family.


  6. GATA 72

    I hear he’s bringing his o- line with him


    • Cousin Eddie

      Seen them in action this year, might have been a bad night for them, let’s just go with he will be used to playing with GA’s OL

      There could be some great players on that line but the night I saw him was not impressed.


  7. Bulldog Joe

    Congrats, Jake. Glad to have you aboard!

    Win out and help us build the line and receivers around you.


  8. Faulkner

    I’d like to see a dual threat option in QB#3. Seems to help when your line sucks.


  9. Hardcoredawg 93

    I am excited about Fromm. By the time he plays, we should have a solid team by then. I also prefer our QB to be a GA boy that grew up with the Dawgs.

    In Fromm I Trust.


  10. Macallanlover

    Glad he seems so committed and glad to get a step closer to him being on campus in January; he grew up a Dawg fan so that helps. He may be the best overall talent I have seen coming in for a UGA QB. It may not work out at the next level because who can tell until they see how they react but it gives me optimism that we will have choices.

    I also like that he is playing against higher level competition in HS. You can watch his film and see the throwing mechanics and footwork that are better than what I saw from both Stafford and Eason. Great accuracy and sense of of pocket pressure as well. Have to have something to feel upbeat about these days. Should be an exciting Spring Game with Jake Fromm State Farm on one side and Eason on the other.


  11. Bo

    Judging by his current team’s play here in Leesburg a few weeks ago, he’s used to not having an offensive line and running for his life. He should fit right in.