Stay classy, Baylor.

Just when you think it can’t get any sleazier

Baylor’s former Title IX coordinator alleged that the school’s head of public safety said that some women making sexual assault accusations at Baylor were mentally ill.

Patty Crawford, who resigned from her position at Baylor earlier this fall, told 60 Minutes Sports in an interview that Reagan Ramsower made the statement in an emergency meeting in September 2015 following the rape conviction of Baylor football player Sam Ukwuachu.

The meeting was in then-president Ken Starr’s office.

“As I understand it, what someone said in this meeting was, quote, ‘What Patty is saying is not fact,’” 60 Minutes reporter Armen Keteyan said. “‘Those women had mental illness. We have to stick with the facts and there are none.’ Is that accurate?”

“That is,” Crawford said.


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11 responses to “Stay classy, Baylor.

  1. The irony that Ken Starr is I. He middle of this is almost too much.


  2. Tronan

    Baylor and Penn State are early favorites to meet in the Tailhook Bowl.


  3. baitstand

    The old “bitches be crazy” defense. Probably not as effective as it once was.


  4. TN Dawg

    The concept that Universities are covering things up is preposterous. I assure you the timing of this news being released is entirely coincidental…


  5. Go Dawgs!

    And the NCAA just sits there with its big shiny hammer, not doing a thing about it.


  6. paul

    The thing about Title IX is you can end up with the federal government on you case, not just the NCAA. Baylor seems to be begging for it. They’re not exactly doing anything positive for the Christian community either. Every time I read one of these articles I feel like I need a shower afterward.


  7. HVL Dawg

    There might be something about rape that makes people mentally ill.


  8. Don in Mar-a-Lago

    “Crawford said she was told by Ramsower in July that she shouldn’t ‘ever put anything in writing’ again to Ramsower.”

    This Reagan learned from the other Reagan how to operate a business.


  9. Ben

    She’s auditioning for a role in the Trump White House.


  10. Cousin Eddie

    What next, “They were asking for it.”