“You’re supposed to have fun when you’re playing football.”

You’re supposed to have fun watching it, too.


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18 responses to ““You’re supposed to have fun when you’re playing football.”

  1. Red Cup

    Senator you obviously have not been self talking correctly. It is your fault.


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    “I was just happy to see our players be happy about playing the game and winning.”

    I remember that.

    But I am trying to live in the now.


  3. 69Dawg

    Psyco babble from Kirby, I just threw up What’s next participation trophies.


  4. Kirby learned self-talk from this dude. He’s the Tide’s motivator in chief. I saw him speak this summer with a co-worker who turned to me about 20 minutes in and said “This guy is sooo full of shit”.


    • @RD: Yep, I left the lecture(probably not the same one you were at). One of my regrets was “Why the hell did I not go into this”? Think of all the money I could have made. My wife stated, “You could not have kept from laughing and telling them, you are paying me for this. Thank you suckers. I guess I am too much of a cynic.


  5. Macallanlover

    It is supposed to be fun for both players and fans but the past two seasons have been among the worst for me, at least since 1996. Last year was painful as we struggled to win but this one is far worse. We have been anemic offensively both years but last year we did have hope we would move the ball some way, or at least enough. I haven’t seen a UGA offense shut down regularly since Vince was HC in the pre-Herschel days. I have had fun this CFB season, but only a couple of times has that involved the Dawgs, pleasure has come from other games.

    Still love my Dawgs, pull for them hard every week but this has been a major downer of a season. I held out hope that Chaney would change things around, especially during the 2 weeks before the Fu game, last week killed any confidence I had that he could get it done. Hope Kirby doesn’t ride this horse any longer than Thanksgiving, go out and get some talent on the offensive staff before we spiral down for multiple years. I can take losses, but I want to feel we have a path to victory going into games, and the ability to adjust when we need to during games. That is what has dampened the spirit for me.


    • Red Cup

      Changing OC and OL coach every year for 3 years is tough. Don’t need to do it again. These coaches all need more time. Stability is needed.


      • Macallanlover

        As a general rule, I would agree with that. But last year wasn’t a major change in offensive scheme, or blocking. May not have had the best QB situation, and Richt should have been more proactive in playcalling, but this is the first major change. And it looks like a dumpster fire. Can’t afford another. I know Smart didn’t get his first choice at either OC or DC, but we have seen a lot of evidence the problem is under Chaney’s responsibility and KS doesn’t have an offensive background to intervene.


  6. Talk will only get you so far, Kirby


  7. Bob

    I know it is not all the OC’s fault, but do folks realize what Chaney’s SEC record in games against SEC opponents? In 5 plus seasons at Tennessee, Arkansas and now Georgia, Chaney’s teams are 9-37. Now, I know that he has taken over rebuilding programs. And horrible defense plays a role as well, but seriously 9-37 is startling and certainly doesn’t give me any comfort at all. I don’t like the idea of changing OCs again, but I also want to have hope.


  8. Russ

    You don’t need “f-u-n” to spell “Process”.

    If you ain’t first you’re last. Woo!


  9. Hogbody Spradlin

    I guess this season is in character building mode.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Chapter one of The Process. Break the will of the fans, mold them into quivering mass of want to. Chapter two.