If at first you don’t succeed, review, review again.

The officiating frequently blew chunks last night, but that’s to be expected in any random SEC game.  What wasn’t expected was the crew giving new meaning to the expression “upon further review” by changing a review decision on what resulted in a Nick Chubb fumble after, in their words, finding another angle to analyze what happened.  It’s those kind of decisions that make you wonder if the conspiracy theorists who speculate about the SEC office having it in for Georgia might actually be on to something.

I’m not saying that’s the case, but that sure was um… different.


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  1. Dawg1

    It was Steve Harvey-esque!


  2. Mayor

    Al Ford was the on site TV official. Need I say more? Thank goodness for the SEC offsite reviewers.


    • Sanford222view

      Ummmm…Ford’s determination would have left the ball with Georgia on the Chubb play.


      • A couple of years before he retired as the head of SEC football officiating, Bobby Gaston spoke to our Kiwanis Club. He played for Tech when the Yellow Jackets were in the SEC. Someone asked him what were the worst calls he ever had to deal with and the first one he mentioned was the Jasper Sanks “fumble” called at the end of regulation in the 1999 UGA-Tech game. He called no names but Al Ford made that call and the crew was forbidden from officiating games I believe for the rest of the season and bowl games. Puzzling that he is now in a prominent position in the SEC office.


      • Silver Creek Dawg

        TV broadcast said Ford asked for a second look, not Birmingham.


  3. Timphd

    I’m not one of those prone to conspiracy theories, but when UGA gets a review and they call a penalty for 12 on the field based on the review, then we get last night where the reviews clearly showed penalties that weren’t called, or they decide to re-review after saying the call stood, you do have to wonder. What did UGA ever do to offend the delicate feelings of the ref brotherhood?


  4. DugLite

    Add in the Auburn fumble ruled a non fumble. It’s kinda strange. Almost to the point of driving me away from cfb. The SEC wants a team definitely in the playoffs. I understand that. Auburn will get at least one questionable review against UGA in order to get a better matchup against Bama. We have to beat Auburn, the on field officials and the Birmingham Review.


  5. If the Dawgs can’t lose on their own the refs will surely help[


  6. Al Ford has no business being associated with any UGA game ever. He has no credibility in my opinion.

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  7. W Cobb Dawg

    Actually, McGarity was in our booth and saw that different angle on a UGA monitor, then called the sec officials and forwarded the footage. It’s wasn’t the sec refs.


  8. Bright Idea

    If the review that counts is in Birmingham why have a reviewer at the game? Does anybody really understand the review rules anyway? Why do coaches have to plead for reviews, have the game stopped without being charged a timeout? Why after long discussions on the field when the officials obviously didn’t see what happened aren’t reviews automatic? It has all but ruined college football with the inconsistency.


  9. Heyberto

    No way a call should be looked at again after the ref has made the announcement on the field. I’m all for getting stuff right, but that’s just ineptitude at its finest. If it’s BHam that made the call for additional review, shouldn’t everyone sign off that they’ve completed any action they need to take. What bunch of Fucking Amatuers.


  10. Uglydawg

    Even after all the reviews and angles, I’m not sure the ball was out. All you could tell is that the ball was descending faster than Chubb’s body, but his arm and hand could very well still have been in control…I don’t think an objective person can honestly say..with all certainty…that the ball was out. Georgia rarely gets the benefit on a call. The late KY fumble almost got buried by the next snap. The “review” of the spiked ball, though, takes the cake. That was an excuse to back up and give Georgia a penalty.
    So we have an ex-post facto penalty levied against Georgia, and now we have the review of a review..against Georgia.
    Does anyone think they would have pulled either one of those stunts against Saban?


  11. Uglydawg

    Can anyone enlighten us to what the sideline interference penalty was about? Kentucky ran a play, pretty much in the center area of the field, and Georgia was penalized..which I think Gave KY a first down.
    What happened…PWG? Did we get a prior warning flag? I don’t remember us getting a warning..but I do remember KY getting one very early in the game.
    Any help or info is appreciated.


    • ToccoaDog

      Somebody on the Ga sideline got in the way of the Linesman running up and down the sideline. They had been warned already, but got in the way again and got flagged for it.


  12. Bob

    They specifically said it was Georgia’s second such penalty. I don’t recall the first, but it may have been duing one of my look ins of Bama-LSU.

    BTW, did anyone see that picture of Hurt’s TD run against LSU? There are 3 blatant holds by Bama players on that single play…right before your eyes. Amazing.


  13. So does Chaney get a do-over for having Chubb at FB for the last play of the Vandy game? Can we overturn his hiring? Since we’re handing out 2nd chances…


  14. AusDawg85

    I was stunned that the first review by Ford did not call it a fumble. I mean, it was Al Ford, right? The radio guys said that it was Ford who found “another angle” and buzzed down to the field. It was not the SEC office.

    C’mon man! He’s a crook.


  15. PTC DAWG

    F the barn


  16. I have long thpught that the SEC Office Officials have It In for the Dawgs.
    I thought That It was mainly aimed at Richt. Maybe Others?. It seems To Affect the Game Officials & used to Affect ESPN, Possibly It still does.


  17. Bulldog Joe

    The replay refs couldn’t be bothered to actually look at the play.

    They were watching the Alabama-LSU game with Brent.