A viral sensation and a random thought

Amidst the chatter about Rodrigo Blankenship’s dad’s grumbling about the family finances in the absence of a full scholarship for his son, perhaps it’s worth considering how Blankenship would be able to capitalize commercially on his new-found image if he were anyone in America other than an NCAA student-athlete.


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5 responses to “A viral sensation and a random thought

  1. Got Cowdog

    Going to make second pot of coffee now ………….


  2. Russ

    He sounds like a good kid. Hope he has continued success for several years at UGA and later in the pros (if that’s what he chooses).


  3. Rp

    If the team were making a playoff run, that guy would be an international superstar. I hope he never takes his helmet off for interviews as long as he plays (even in the NFL).


  4. Boz

    On a different note, what if the NCAA changed the rule regarding player compensation: You can either take the scholarship for 4-5 years, or not. Those that refuse the scholarship are eligible for endorsement contracts, including penalties for suspensions, etc.


  5. lakedawg

    Believe I would give the scholly, do not want to start next year with a new walk on.