“Anyone up for an Alabama-Tennessee rematch in Atlanta?”

Boy, this stings.

There are no proven coaches to chase in the SEC East. There’s no Saban to keep up with, just a lot of ex-Saban assistants — getting paid handsomely — whose knowledge of The Process may or may not rub off on the East.

So what’s sadder:  the overall state of the division, or that Georgia isn’t competitive in the division?


UPDATE:  Bill C. says it’s even worse than you think.

The worst part about this: Florida and Missouri are overrated. They’re both as high as they are because of what they did in September. Perhaps Tennessee, too. A weighted average would be unkind to all three…

He goes on to say that a weighted average might make Kentucky, South Carolina and Vanderbilt look a little better, though.

Funny how one team isn’t mentioned there as up or down as the season’s progressed.  Consistency is the hobgoblin of mediocre SEC East programs located in Athens, Georgia.


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35 responses to ““Anyone up for an Alabama-Tennessee rematch in Atlanta?”

  1. Aladawg

    That Georgia isn’t competitive. Considering our schedule, it is shameful. At some point people will look back at this year and say “How did UGA not win the East?”


  2. Can we just cancel the SEC championship game assuming Bama wins out?

    For Georgia, it’s incredibly disappointing that we didn’t take advantage of a weak East to win 6 division titles in a row. Some was bad luck (’13 with injuries). Some was self-inflicted (’14 with the Gurley suspension). Some was poor coaching and preparation (’14 and ’15). This year has a combination of all of the above plus roster deficiencies.


  3. UGA85

    To me, ultimately we have to get over our issues with Florida. 21 out of the last 27 is no longer a rivalry. Even when they aren’t very good (the last three years), we make them look like world beaters. It’s become the biggest, most glaring deficiency I can remember, as we have made the gators into a massive, insurmountable hurdle that we usually can’t jump over. The East will never be ours until we make it right in Jax.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Right now I’d be satisfied if that grass between the hedges was ours again.


    • Mayor

      That won’t end until we wake up and stop playing that game on what is essentially FU’s second home field. We could do that and still win when FU was an inferior program. We can’t get away with it now that FU is a top tier program. Would you want to play Auburn in Birmingham every year? It is the definition of insanity.


    • All I remember is the last 3. We had a chance to put the heel of our boots on the Gators’ throats, and we whiffed. What happened with Steve Spurrier and Goff/Donnan is ancient history. Even the 2000s with Richt don’t mean much when you consider the rivalry now.


    • So. IL Dawg

      The problem in Jax is the LOS. the Gators manhandle our Oline every year. if you look at the recruiting by CKS, he’s addressing the lines first. the committed recruits on the LOS are far superior to what CMR brought to Athens. So, I firmly believe the Dawgs are on the rise once CKS gets his players in town. Be patient and Go Dawgs.


  4. AthensHomerDawg

    Well…Smart did say he was looking for consistency.


  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    Hey…wait a minute…I thought the header question was serious.

    Since we ain’t going back to the SEC championship game this year, I would love, like love, love, love to see Tennessee valiantly defend the honor of the Eastern Side against the behemoth of the West.

    In fact, nothing would give me more joy, since we ain’t going.


  6. 92 grad

    In the end it doesn’t mean much, but it’s accurate to accept that since the divisional conference alignment we have been the 3rd team in the east. For the first 10 years of our eastern division we were behind Tennessee and Florida and fought hard to beat Carolina. There’s a lot of history that places us in the middle of the pack. Add to that the rise of television coverage, the middle of the pack tendency of our program has been epoxied into the sport.

    The most recent decade where the west has been what they are is a direct evolution which owes its success to the east. Our division is the reason that the west is strong and deep. The cycle will continue, one way or another, and we are hoping to be at the top but there isn’t any reason to hedge our position looking back at prior achievements. It’s why the word “delusional ” or “entitled” gets laid at our fan base when we position ourselves as heirs to the good ole days we hunger to return. There aren’t good ole days, just DGD’s that made us proud and flashes in the pan. Our pride is born out of good solid football where it is perfectly reasonable for us to be bullish on an annual basis. Just not quite right for us to think it’s ordained somehow as a “the way it should be”.



    Beat AU.


  8. Mike

    It is better to be the best team in a shitty division that the second or third best team in a shitty division. I suspect my Might Gators might fall somewhere in the later category.


  9. From the delusional and deplorable fringe……A Mark Richt coached team wins the east this year…92 Grad is correct….we are not a program that ever was a dynasty but we were capable of taking advantage of opportunities and the truly sad fact is that this was the year of opportunity. At the beginning of the season many inquiries were made as what would make the pro-Richt crowd happy and most of the rational among us said the change would be a success or acceptable if we won the East…..Well NOTSO had a very easy tract to the East but coached his way out of it. The dawgs had the easiest schedule they had in years (i.e. no Bama and a sub .500% ole Miss team, the weakest East in many years and not that many injuries) I know that the anti-Richt crowd can not even conceive that change wouldn’t be for the better but it was not and will not be until Kirby becomes a head coach as opposed to a Saban wanna be. Even if we go to the Dome and get our ass handed to us it would have been progress but what we’ve gotten is regression. Thank You Change and Hope…Fire McGarity.


    • A Mark Richt coached team wins the east this year…92 Grad is correct….we are not a program that ever was a dynasty but we were capable of taking advantage of opportunities…

      The East sucked badly in 2014 and 2015. Remind me who won it?


      • at least the teams that beat us those years were ranked……no one in the East is even ranked this year. 2014 and 15 were easy….this one was even easier……beat the frikkin State of Tennessee were in. easy/easier/easiest. This was the easiest route in decades and we vomited up a home lose to Vandy at Homecoming….defend if you want but that is truly indefensible and don’t get me started on losing in the last 10 seconds. inconceivable ….and I think that word means what I think it dooes.


      • 92 grad

        For the record, I didn’t say anything about CMR and it’s irrelevant to my point. Also, I agree that Georgia football is a sleeping giant which can be awaken at any time. CMR could have done it, Kirby can do it, time will tell. CMR had opportunities but every single one of them, except 2005, was flawed by injury/roster/circumstance. And none of our best teams were able to ignite multi year dominance.