Auburn injury update

Keeping an eye on Sean White and Kamryn Pettway?  Judging from the coaches’ comments, they’ll both see the field on Saturday.  It’s just a question of how effective they’ll be.

Here’s what Rhett Lashlee said about White yesterday:

“Obviously he’s not 100 percent, but I think you saw on the touchdown pass to Darius (Slayton) last week, the ball is probably 30-35 yards in the air,” Lashlee said. “I don’t think he’s going to be limited in any capacity or we probably wouldn’t put him out there. I mean, if he full-go, 100 percent, healthy and fresh like it was the first game? Probably not. Again, not a lot of people are, but he’ll be good to go.”

Same song for Pettway.

“He was out there today,” offensive coordinator Rhett Lashlee said. “He was dressed out. At this point I’d say he’s just day-to-day.”

It’s a more promising outlook for the 6-foot, 240-pound running back than earlier in the day, even. During Wednesday morning’s SEC coaches teleconference, coach Gus Malzahn said Pettway was unable to practice Tuesday and he was uncertain if the third-year sophomore would be able to participate in Wednesday’s session.

While Malzahn was uncertain about Pettway’s practice availability, he seemed optimistic about Pettway’s availability against Georgia even if he missed practice on Wednesday.

“It’s not that hard this time of the year,” Malzahn said. “Now earlier in the year… it would have been a challenge.”

Sounds like they’re playing but there will be some schematic issues due to their conditions.

— On the challenges of gameplanning with an injured quarterback: “We’re going to gameplan the way we think we need to and call the game the way we think we need to win it.”

— On plug-and-play perception of Auburn’s run game: “We’re doing it as a team offense… We got confidence in our guys. We’re going to go out and put them in the best chance, best position to be successful.”

Maybe that’s promising news for Georgia’s defense, except Auburn was banged up for last week’s game against Vanderbilt and still managed a robust 6.23 yards per offensive play.  Vandy did hold the Tigers to a season low 62 plays, though, something that would be nice for Georgia to accomplish.  The good news is that’s actually a number in the Dawgs’ wheelhouse.


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3 responses to “Auburn injury update

  1. Hardcoredawg 93

    Hit the QB as frequently and hard as legally possible and we should be good. Return the favor when they beat up Murray in the game versus Cam Newton a few years ago.


  2. Macallanlover

    Except that the “beating up” of Murray was never an issue regarding legal hits. Nothing would have ever been said if not for the hands under the face mask early, the knee shot mid-way through the game, and the head shot pn the last play. Now what part of that do we want any of? None, as you said, you want clean hits. That game was never about clean, hard football and that is why the rivalry went from what CFB was supposed to be about to what it has become at the lower levels. And worst of all, the Aubie fans went all-in and sold their souls for something sleazy.


  3. AusDawg85

    I really want to see if Kirby brings some Bama attitude about Auburn to us. I think that will be more nasty and physical than we’ve been in the past.