“We were getting letters from people in prison. It was crazy.”


Never gets old.  Ever.


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25 responses to ““We were getting letters from people in prison. It was crazy.”

  1. mwo

    Robert Baker, license plate maker!


  2. WarD Eagle

    Y’all need to keep your girlfriends off the field.


  3. paul

    Like most of you, I have a framed copy of this picture in my home. It’s one of my favorites.


  4. This is as good as I’ve felt about a game this season. No real reason other than this team has really fought all year, they’re talented and they seem to be taking to the process. Or, again, maybe last week gave me a false sense of security.

    I’m really starting to believe you won’t find a better QB to build a program around than Eason. I see real leadership emerging for this team and youth being served.

    All these things are leading to at least 1 good win this season.


    • I expect the D to be super salty Saturday.


    • rpcpisme

      Feels like I heard people saying this heading in to the Ole Miss game…


      • Macallanlover

        We may be short of talent in some match ups in this game but not as overwhelmingly as with the Ole Miss game, imo. I saw no path to victory going into Oxford but we have a puncher’s chance this Saturday. I am seeing a lot projections having this as a 33-13 type game but I think we can hold them below that. With a turnover edge, we have a shot, not a high percentage shot, but a shot. Follow the strategy Vandy used against them Chaney and perhaps the home crowd can get the defense fired up. Definitely need to make this one competitive, cannot afford a blowout this week.


      • So. IL Dawg

        Wrong, I don’t recall one fan having a good feeling about Ole Miss.
        The D is much better now and the O looks to be improved. The game is in Athens too. Ole Miss was in Oxford and the Rebels were due to put a full-game together. it was the perfect storm.

        The Barn is beatable!


      • PTC DAWG

        I never felt good about Old Mrs.


        • Derek

          I felt good about the Rebs and I feel we’ll get killed Saturday. Also Saturday’s game will be the first I haven’t be able to see live (wedding then, funeral this Saturday) since 2006 when a UGA freshman lit them up. I hope some dawg fan literally profits from this info by loading up on the underdog.


    • I’m glad there are folks like you in the fanbase. I feel the exact opposite. I’ve reached such a stage of apathy with my expectations that I’m just not going and giving my tickets to family members that want to go. Even as disappointing as seasons have been the last few years under Richt, I’ve never reached the level of “don’t give a shit” that I currently am at with respect to this team.

      I keep going back to the Senator’s post after the Vandy game about how nothing seems fun about Georgia football (especially at home) anymore and that really struck home with me. Underwhelming performance on top of McGarity and co. monetizing every aspect of the gameday experience just leaves me feeling withdrawn. I really enjoyed everything about the trip to Kentucky last week, but the game itself. The game felt like a side attraction to everything else instead of the main event and that just feels weird to me. Sure – I’ll watch on TV, but I just don’t have it in me to fight the traffic in and out of Athens, slog my crap around to a half-assed tailgate, and then miss an entire quarter of football because I need to take a piss.

      There is literally nothing about actually attending games in Athens that feels special to me anymore and that should scare the shit out of McGarity and co. My family have been going to games in one form or another since the 70’s and I’m on the verge of just giving up my season tickets. If he’s losing people like me, I fear for the future of the program with people slightly younger than me that don’t really care about going to football games as much as I did.


  5. truck

    “Defender of His Turf.” (removes hat and bows head.) DGD. Still.


  6. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    My favorite memory of the game is Jim Donnan’s post game comment in which he pointed out that there wasn’t anyone for Georgia covering the receivers except UGA.


  7. Mark

    Great memiories from day. The guy behind Seiler rode down there with me. The girl in black was in media and had two sideline passes. We all grew up together in Faurburn. We laugh about then being immortalized forever.


  8. JG Shellnutt

    I was in school when this happened. I ended up buying two prints of this at the time, one for myself and one for my grandmother, an Alabama fan. I got mine matted in red and framed while I had hers matted in white and framed. While the red matte goes well with the other UGA things in my office, I really love the white matted copy that I got back when my grandmother died seven years later. It’s a neat reminder of the day and the time, but also a reminder of my grandmother who loved Alabama and loved seeing Uga lunge at an Auburn player. I keep that one in my home.


  9. Athens Dog

    For all the folks who question the Seilers motives please note they never made a dime off all those pictures. They just love UGA.


  10. lakedawg

    There are some folks that loved that day so much they have used as an avatar for years.