All the time in the world

Those of you who insist that Georgia needed that open records law to avoid being overwhelmed with the hardship of providing information… well, maybe you can explain what’s so tough about this.

The Georgia football team has agreed to host East Tennessee State in 2020, according to a memorandum of understanding that was signed earlier this year.

East Tennessee State will be paid $550,000 for the game. The day of the game is to be decided, and due to be finalized by Dec. 1, 2018.

The memorandum shows that East Tennessee’s athletics director signed the memo in May – UGA athletics director Greg McGarity’s signature is undated – but the memo was not released until Friday. It was in response to a request for scheduling contracts made by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on July 18. UGA is using the full 90 days the state legislature gave it to respond to athletics-related requests, starting in July.

Man, I can only imagine the mad scramble that went on behind the scenes to put that together for the media’s satisfaction.  A flock of staffers frantically trying to lay their hands on the raw data.  Days, stretching into weeks, as the information was studied, analyzed, correlated and organized into an effective presentation.

To put all that together in a mere ninety days without the athletic department’s regular business grinding to a halt?  Wow.  Somebody deserves a bonus.

Or, it could just be that Greg McGarity doesn’t want to tell anyone his business until he has to.  I know which answer Occam’s Razor suggests.  It’s too bad Occam won’t be getting a ticket to see Georgia play in the SECCG, though.


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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Did you seriously think that a government agency would do something one minute, much less one day, less than required? 😏


  2. 81Dog

    I’m not an advocate for the 90 day period. But can someone please explain to me how the republic is going to crumble because we didn’t get the news about the all-important scheduling of ETSU 80 days ago? Perhaps a strict adherence to the whims of the media would protect us from McGarity making some kind of dark deal with Iran, or chortling via email about how he had some kind of tame reporters to feed stuff that makes him look good, but we didn’t know about the ETSU deal before Labor Day? The horror, the horror.

    Maybe someone can get Julian Assange on this. I suspect that if our administration is dishonest enough to hide this kind of bombshell development from us for 90 days, there may be no limit to their treachery.


  3. Bazooka Joe

    OK, I love this blog and you write some great pieces (even if I don’t agree with all of them), and a lot of great folks with good comments. Its my favorite place to go for Dawg info and I crack up at some of the comments (and also WTF about others) so I say this with due respect…… Damn son, stop with the whining about the open records change. It is what it is and writing a piece about it every week (ok probably not every week but it sure seems like it) isn’t going to change anything.
    Again great blog


    • ^^^^^^THIS^^^^^^, I like the most of the articles here but the open records and paying players are the 2 subjects I think most of us (certainly me) could give a fuck less about


        • Couldn’t disagree more. Paying of players is the single biggest issue in college football and the Senator is one of the few sources tracking it. A lot of people appreciate it.

          And as someone who files open records request of state government as a regular part of my job, THANK YOU SENATOR. Don’t let up.

          The reality is that the new rule was totally unecessary. Based on McGoof’s previous comments, the problem was him and his staff were incompetent and didn’t understand the law. Their response was inconsistent with how every other state agency responds.

          Color me un-surprised he was making things harder for himself


  4. Sh3rl0ck

    I am tempted to run for a State Legislature seat just to introduce a law to extend the FOIA grace period to 180 days


  5. Henry

    Hi Senator, enjoy the blog but haven’t kept close with the McGarity dislike. Could you offer some color what the friction is with him? Is he just out of touch with the emotional desires of fans and too focused on revenues and expenses?

    Interested to hear any ADs you admire, as a reference. Thanks.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      I won’t answer for the Senator, but I’d ask that you answer your own question. What has McG done that merits the pretty steep pay he’s getting? What other A.D.s do you admire, and why? How are you measuring McG’s performace? Are our sports teams improving or declining? The reserve fund is massive. Is that appropriate considering our performance across the board?


  6. BWD

    I think Occam’s Razor suggests a much more mundane answer: FOIA requests get calendared by an assistant just like everything else, and no one pays attention until some staffer can no longer ignore the Outlook reminders.


  7. Aladawg

    Senator, I thank you for keeping this in the forefront. This is not a private business and as contributors to both the Athletic Association and the University, some transparency is critical to keeping the administrators somewhat clean and honest. This law is scary, no matter how much people gate the press.


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