Is it possible to self-Dawgrade?

Because it sure sounds like Sean White was doing exactly that in his post-game remarks.


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28 responses to “Is it possible to self-Dawgrade?

  1. Russ

    Reminds me of how Tebow was retroactively hurt in 2007 when we whipped them.

    And my apologies to Que and to you for yesterday. I shouldn’t get worked up about a game.


  2. J-Dawg

    He was possibly still injured but it sounds more like making excuses for a sub-par performance. It kills their souls for any SEC-West team to give UGA any credit it deserves for a championship level performance.


    • Macallanlover

      Regular season only, I am pretty sure we have a very good winning percentage against the West since the split. Don’t remember the last time we were 0-2 against the West. I hate the split conference conversations, except for Mizzou once, and the SC accident, the East has sent competitive teams to the championship game, and the record reflects that. With KY and Vandy on our side, we will never be as deep but this 2-3 year period is definitely the exception, not the norm.


      • UGA85

        I think it’s been longer than 2-3 years. 2012, IMO, was the exception. To me, the SEC championship game has been lopsided since Tebow left. It’s been a painful process that definitely needs to be corrected.


  3. Bright Idea

    So they took to the air with a QB who had not thrown the ball for 2 weeks in practice? And we thought we had OC problems. Unless receivers are running wide open, the kid just ain’t that good when healthy.


    • Uglydawg

      “Three and out Sean” Sounds like a good moniker. He just doesn’t look like a college QB to me. And his receivers were out-classed by the Georgia defensive backs.


  4. Uglydawg

    Excuses instead of giving credit to you opponent is a sign of insecurity.
    Did his hurting shoulder cause his receivers to drop the few good throws he made? Sounds to me like he is reeling from the fact that he was so inept and is halfway expecting to be replaced as the starter…and is Dawg Grading after the fact while getting his story spiced up for that eventuality.

    His comments will make good bulletin board material for next year.

    Meanwhile..Kudos to the Georgia defense!!


    • 1smartdude

      I agree but at the same time, everyone knew going into the game the guy was hurt. And as much joy a victory over Auburn gives me, thinking we had as much to do with the win as injuries did for Auburns loss would be a bad assessment. Our offense was pedestrian again, granted against a tough D and the defense played well but it was a game plan I could have put together. The QB was injured and not real threat to throw, the top RB in the SEC was on the sidelines. The UGA d-line is obviously good enough if you. An tell them, don’t look at any of the window dressing, the QB can’t throw, and can’t run, just follow the only RB they have and make the tackle. A RB coming off an injury himself. I said going into the game Auburn was way over rated, the good news is we got a chance to prove that and win an SEC game at home. Our fans needed and deserved that.


  5. Macallanlover

    Much a do about nothing. This is the team that felt comfortable featuring 3 QBs on a single drive in the opener against Clemson. But they cannot get one QB to throw a 15 yard pass with two weeks to prepare him? I am not sure he was injured as much as suspended for one half against Vandy, very odd how he was OK exactly as the 3rd QTR began….and did well. Then, with a full week of rest he is inept? Whiners. Next man up, we were missing players as well and some guys less than 100%.


  6. dawgfan

    UGA played great defense but there is NO excuse for a team with the talent that Auburn has to have ZERO first downs in an entire half of football. What makes it even more amazing is that UGA was down 2 key starters on defense. Auburn was not prepared and did not adjust.


  7. Normaltown Mike

    Gus and Rhett are a strange bunch. When they’ve got the juice, they are hard to stop. But they seem to forget what they are at inopportune moments.

    I always think about our 2013 game when they had a 2nd half lead and kept opting to throw the ball which lengthened the game and gave AM time to engineer an awesome come-back (squandered by shit-for-brains Trigga Tra and JHC).


  8. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    This morning’s Columbus paper’s follow up on the game was all about Auburn’s injuries. I guess what ever makes you feel better.


  9. Timphd

    Those Barners sure do know how to whine and make excuses.


  10. BMan

    “and I have to do a better job of just being honest.”….No wonder you don’t fit in at AU.


  11. Scorpio Jones, III

    An excuse, it has been said, is a lie, wrapped in a thin skin of the truth.

    I understand there are pictures of White with a bulls-eye on his shoulder in certain locker rooms close to the Black Warrior river, there.

    My suggestion, if you don’t want this win to feel Dawgraded, is to find something else to do during the Arn Bowl.

    I understand the Waffle House in Awbun closed early Saturday.


  12. lakedawg

    I will give them the point their other running back could have taken some carries in place of their number 21 cause he was whipped in the fourth quarter getting no drive at all on his carries.


    • Russ

      Oh for sure they missed Pettway. He would have helped them. I guess their other RB got hurt early in the game.

      But we had people out as well. That’s the game.


  13. I wonder why his own teammates would say that he did practice if he didn’t?


  14. Hardcoredawg 93

    2 years in a row he has goated it up against the Dawgs. He was hurt last year and this year. His performance was just what I was hoping for last week when I heard he was dinged up.
    Alabama gonna put a big ole beat down if he doesn’t improve by then.

    Back to reality for the Gus bus.


  15. Sure…starters being banged up or out hurts you but it’s not like we didn’t have the same on D. That’s late-season FB and it’s a poor excuse for giving due credit.