Schadenfreude, darling, schadenfreude

I know this isn’t a good year for a Dawg fan to gloat, but, damn, these salty tears are delicious.


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47 responses to “Schadenfreude, darling, schadenfreude

  1. Sanford222view

    Oh the irony of “drumtiger” calling Georgia “thUGA” whilst his Tigers filling out its roster with the cast offs of other SEC schools.


  2. ugafidelis

    That was some nice reading. Real nice, thanks!


  3. DC Weez

    And may we see similar posts on Stingtalk in two weeks!


    • FarmerDawg

      That’s what I thought, looks and sounds a lot like sting talk. I always figured a fan base in the SEC would maintain some level of pride and dignity. The Tiglesmen have proven this wrong.


  4. SSB Charley

    Oh man, that was far, far more enjoyable than I anticipated. “We suck, therefore it’s not fair to the other SECE teams that UGA gets to play us.”


  5. Jack Klompus

    Love it! Tiger tears make for a great morning beverage.


  6. Jack Klompus

    At least this keeps them from whining about those trees that seem to be doing okay.


  7. The secret of the SEC being the most passionate fanbase is that we are all convinced that the sky is always falling.


  8. Debby Balcer

    Wow just wow. Quitters indeed


  9. LOL. At least “thUGA” fans just like to move the GA-FL game to alternating game sites away from the yearly Jacksonville trip, but those shameless AUBUMS like to entirely quit the rivalry. LOL again.


  10. Hogbody Spradlin

    After 120 games, this series is 57-55 Georgia, with 8 ties. There’s no tighter series record, with over 100 games, in the country. Those young whippersnappers need to see the long term.


  11. A fan base that talks about they always get Georgia’s best shot? Music to this Dawg fan’s ears …

    At least for the end of the Richt era, that annual best shot can be traced back to $Cam and Fairley on the Plains in 2010. I think Kirby’s long experience with Auburn as UGA player and coach at LSU and Alabama certainly has him focused on beating their @$$ at every opportunity.

    You know a whiny loser when they use the “thUGA” label in the aftermath of a loss to us.


    • Jeff Sanchez


      2010 changed this rivalry for the forseeable future.

      I had to laugh to myself when College Gameday had a Ga / Auburn feature and said it was “brother against brother”. I was thinking, “not anymore, buddy”


  12. Cojones

    Murray owned their ass and, but for luck, they would have never beaten him. Eason has begun his annual game with Auburn in the right way; GATA and don’t look back. Payback will never slacken in this rivalry since we owe their coach and team so much on that interest that their principle will never go away.


  13. Spike

    Bite me Auburn. thUGA indeed. With their roster?


  14. Alcohalic Genius

    To the Penal Colony on the Plain, that’s Mr. Ma’thUGA.


  15. Uglydawg

    Surely this isn’t a realistic sample of Auburn’s fanbase’s attitude, is it? This is one step away from a “Fire Gus” website popping up.
    Even Stingtalk isn’t this negative. I know a lot of Auburn fans and they don’t feel this way, but I hope they will after just a couple of more wins over them.


    • sniffer

      It is, to a point, Ugly. My brother-in-law, Auburn grad, moaned about how sloppy the game was and how they couldn’t get anything going and how injured they are and so on. Never said anything about how good we played or took them out of their game. He’s a quiet fan, never gets too high or low. He always seems to believe that everyone is out to “get them”. He would be on board if we were to drop off their schedule every year.


    • Will (The Other One)

      There was a good bit of “Gus, your seat should be hot” talk on the otherwise (relatively) sane SBNation Auburn site too.


  16. markclegg

    Maybe, just maybe, they might be more accustomed to facing adversity if they weren’t playing their first game on the road in mid November in a stadium that seats over 65,000


  17. Adam Owens

    Please sir, can I have some more!?


  18. PTC DAWG

    I thought this response was spot on…

    I expect to beat UGA EVERY YEAR, and I’m NOT too young to remember the back and forth of the rivalry. And the pansy-*** responses on this thread are exactly what is wrong with this country. Having a tough time? Well, just quit then! You bunch of losers!
    How ’bout this, all you pansy-*** posters who want to drop UGA and UAT, get the hell off this board! I’m sick to death of you bunch of pansy-***, whiny babies. How about growing a pair, you bunch of effeminate losers! Auburn doesn’t want, or need your loser mentality.


  19. Got Cowdog

    Anybody heard from WarD? He’s usually a good sport win or lose.


  20. Bulldog Joe

    The Aubs playing the victim card?

    Color me shocked.


  21. Ben

    I live on the Alabama Gulf Coast, and it’s so crimson down here that Bama is all the Auburn folks worry about; they don’t even really consider Georgia a rival. They don’t understand the depths of disdain that exist for them in other parts of the Georgia fan base, asking, “Why do y’all hate Auburn so much?”

    All of them have been gracious in defeat, though, but that’s a hell of a lot more than I can say for them in those rare times that they win.


  22. Junior

    This win almost made the season come full circle for me. I was pretty pissed after the losses to Vandy and Florida. Then, after seeing these whiney a holes act like a bunch of spineless wussies, it put the season in a very good place. It’s very sweet indeed and thanks for posting this. I know our fan base is not without its share of morons, but I really think Auburn fans are some of the worst out there. I think it has to do with them getting their asses handed to them by Les and the Sabanator for the past decade. As for this young UGA team, I think the team is starting to gel. And things have been rocky but it looks like they are overcoming the mental aspect of that. It should make for an interesting next couple of years to see how recruiting and on field consistency play out. But like you Senator I will reserve judgement on when and if there is a turning point. This one definitely felt good regardless.


  23. D as in Dawg

    It must be nice to be an UGA fan not born, raised, and living in Gator Country. 🙅


  24. that was completely satisfying. That could be equated to a visit to a Stuttgart cathouse; “the House of Three Colors” is the name I remember. I need a cigarette.


  25. Comin' Down The Track

    Or….we could do whatever it takes to be competitive and start beating them. – stebos62
    As far as “whatever it takes” is concerned, what comes after outright, shamelessly paying people to be play there? Extortion?


  26. lakedawg

    One of the Auburn fans in our tailgating group was explaining to me how Bama was secretly paying players, I almost lost my mouthful of beer through my nose trying to not just laugh in his face.


  27. Russ

    Damn, I feel embarrassed for them.


  28. Just catching-up on the blog today when I saw this. I’ve known DrumTiger for over 40 years. His Auburn lineage is not to be questioned as his family is 100% Auburn. Sadly his lot in life has him living in the ATL metro so he is surrounded by the “enemy”. His hard-on for anything UGA is legendary. Sadly our friendship was strained long ago with his thUGA mantra so his post here- which I had no idea he posted it until reading this blog- exists. It’s pretty sad sour-grapes on his part regarding the current state of the rivalry. SMH


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