One thing you have to say about Kevin Scarbinsky’s troll game — he’s definitely a quick twitch guy.

Auburn interviewed Smart before it hired Malzahn – a fact not lost on Auburn fans – and it won’t take many losses in the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry before some fans wonder if their school made the wrong choice. Some already are wondering.

Alabama’s not going away as long as Saban stays, and Georgia’s only going to get better under Smart so Auburn has a real challenge on its hands.

What are the Tigers going to do about it?

No doubt Jay Jacobs is on the mother.


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29 responses to “OutSmarted

  1. Spike

    Reading that just made my day. Paybacks against Nick Fairly, Trooper Taylor et al…


  2. Freedawg10

    Auburn’s solution will be as always… Buy the right players (especially quarterback)!


  3. UGA85

    Many would say it’s too early to be overly optimistic about Kirby. But more and more he looks like a great hire. The players seem to love him. The defense, though very young, has improved and will be a force next year. Eason and the offense are an offensive line away from controlling most games, and we have Pittman. Recruiting certainly looks promising. Even special teams, with Rodrigo, has a bright future. I would be shocked if we aren’t the overwhelming pick to win the East next year.


    • Aladawg

      What flavor is your Koolaid? One win against a vastly overrated 1 dimensional team doesn’t make a coach.


      • MGW

        Judging by your name I’m guessing you live in Alabama. Must be difficult dealing with those spoiled people every day. Anyhow, down here on Earth we have to look at things other than whether or not we won a National Title this year to evaluate the trajectory of a program.


      • UGA85

        I don’t claim to be objective about UGA. But beating a good Auburn team as a first year coach with a freshman quarterback and a poor offensive line is an accomplishment in my book. I see great things ahead.


    • sniffer

      I think you’re right, 85. Tenn is breaking in a new qb, FL is losing its top offensive weapon and lots on defense. We may not scare Bama but we should hold our own next year. We will still be young but not “as young”.


      • Cojones

        Hell, I thought those things were happening at the beginning of the season, but we ended up where we are now, so…….


  4. MGW

    Sure is nice to be on the other side of this kind of crap for a change.

    “Proven coach loses game by less than a touchdown. Should he be fired? Many fans say yes! Lets go ask some recruits about it!”


  5. Yeah, but did Auburn even call Tom Herman?


  6. Normaltown Mike

    Careful what you wish for…we all know that Auburn is not above hiring Art Briles


    • I’m not wishing for anything… but at this point, if Auburn hired Briles, you can bet the SEC office would have an apoplectic fit.


      • AusDawg85

        Why? We are a “do it if you can get away with it” conference? Saban’s abuse of the rules? No problem. Hugh Freeze’s cheating? Where? Gators being gators? Carry on. Horrible officiating? Trademarked. And Auburn??? Keep being Auburn (Pearl hire).

        What could possibly lead you to believe the SEC office will step in if Briles is hired, assuming there is no legal action taken against him in any court?


        • Sh3rl0ck

          Lawsuits. You don’t get Title IX lawsuits for the various forms of cheating and every-day skulduggery. If they hire Briles, just imagine the first lawsuit that happens after one of Briles’ players rapes someone. Auburn, the SEC, the NCAA, everyone gets sued.


      • Mayor

        What can the SEC do about it if Auburn does hire Briles? The SEC office did nothing when the Barn hired Bruce Pearl. Besides, what power does the SEC have in such matters? None from where I am sitting.


        • Mayor, there’s a big difference between an NCAA show cause ruling and sexual assault. Remember that the conference passed the Jonathan Taylor rule after Saban took a chance.


        • Dog in Fla

          Apoplectic Now!

          Starring Greg Sankey in a monumental role going upriver to get Bruce Pearl to leak bad stuff about Briles. Unfortunately for Greg, Bruce – having got out of the boat once before – don’t play that game anymore after tangling with Mike Slive


      • Got Cowdog?

        That is one of my favorite words. Stricken open mouthed and speechless!
        Stricken I say!
        Sorry Senator. Good times. My Old Man opening my report card in 8th grade……..


    • Go Dawgs!

      We all know that Auburn is not above… well, doing anything, really.


  7. Go Dawgs!

    I’d forgotten about that! Time to text all the members of the Auburn Family that I know…



    Good to see others saying good things about Smart and our direction…get on the train…


  9. 81Dog

    Auburn has a challenge on its hands? Welcome to the 21st century, Kevin. Maybe you’ve been hibernating since 2005, but as far as the UGA part of your equation goes, it’s taken 2 miracle plays and 1 miracle (if highly paid) player for AU to get a win versus UGA. Nobody has much of an answer for Saban, but AU hasn’t had an answer for UGA for a long time.


  10. Buster

    ‘Georgia’s only going to get better under Smart’. That’s what I’m talking about. Give it time, it’s on the way.


  11. Brandon

    Awwww yeah the Kirby Smart train is filling on up after a big win… shocker. It’s never ceases to amaze me the difference a week or two can make in this game with the fickle minds of fans. Hell a week or two… a play or two goes our way and we’d be 8-2 sitting pretty waiting on an FU loss to the Bayou Bengals from punching our ticket to get punched right out of the Dome by Bama. Of course one could go the other way as well, but that’s how small the difference is… between 4-6 and 8-2. I’m thoroughly enjoying this new positive energy for once and just pray that we can win out from here to avoid all the meltdown and hysteria that is sure to come if we lose to either ULL or Tech. Good day.