Black is the new black.

Personally speaking, it’s a welcome move by Smart to detach the black jersey look from big games.

Smith was asked about Georgia wearing the jerseys in what’s not viewed as a marquee game like the other times the last three times they’ve worn it.

“It is what it is,” he said. “I’m happy about wearing them. It’s pretty cool to wear the black jerseys no matter what game.”

It’s a different look.  That’s all.  The players seem to understand that.

“It’s going to be cool going out there in black jerseys,” Carter said. “I can’t remember the last time they put them out there but it’s more for the fans, I’m sure they’re going to appreciate it. We appreciate it but they’re fired up for the game that we’re coming out in that.

Now if the fan base can get over it, they’ll be on to something.  I hope it’s the last time I post something about it.


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23 responses to “Black is the new black.

  1. Mary Kate Danaher

    Death to the “fake juice” meme!


  2. Dawglicious



  3. I love the black jerseys. They look great with the red helmet and the silver britches.

    Lo Carter may not remember the last time we wore them, but I guarantee you Kirby does. I can only imagine he wants to do anything he can to make sure the team doesn’t come out flat in them.


  4. hassan

    Should have worn them for Nichols it seems.


  5. VoxDawg

    I’m all for using a couple of underwhelming games to shake off the booga-booga, even if it’s just to the benefit of the folks who are inclined to keep that narrative going.

    Feed the monster for a couple of years as the team gets better, then drop the hammer on Auburn or Tech next time they’re between the hedges at night.


  6. Dawg Stephen

    Folks, LSU wears purple jerseys when they play Tulane, and TN wears the Grey uniforms every year once.. this is nothing but fun for the players and fans. I bet you the family jewels that Kirby isnt letting this be a distraction to the players.. He KNOWS..


  7. Macallanlover

    Don’t ever want to become a “uniform du jour” program but using our primary colors tastefully in different combinations once, or twice a year is what I prefer. My preferences are: 1) never screw with the helmet, 2) never, ever wear all red, or all black, 3)use black jerseys with silver pants occasionally at home or post season once or twice max per year, 4) wear red pants with white jerseys on the road, or post season, once or twice annually, 5) never wear colors other than red, black, white/silver, and 6) stop trying to color coordinate with what fans wear.

    Just let the coach use the preceding uniform choices as he feels necessary, and consider not even informing fans or BM in advance (have Uga bring travel bag with both red and black sweaters to games.) It isn’t fake juice, it is a damned good looking set of uniforms using our primary colors, all of which have been worn in the past with high acclaim. The black helmets, and all red unis have also been worn with results being universal puking.


  8. Big Shock

    The original blackout game against Auburn is still one of the greatest things that I’ve ever seen in Sanford Stadium. Combined with the blackout crowd, it created an amazing atmosphere…eerie and electrics. At this point, I’ve seen the dawgs lose plenty of games in the red jersey. I know it sounds crazy, but I’m beginning to think that there isn’t a direct correlation between jersey color and wins and losses.


    • Calidawg

      Agreed. The uniform switcheroo from pre-game warm-up to when they ran onto the field was masterfully done. I’ve never heard Sanford stadium freakout like that. I honestly think we could have beaten anyone in the country that day, maybe even the Browns.


    • paul

      The original blackout was the loudest I’ve heard Sanford stadium since the days when Herschel ran between the hedges.


    • CB

      Absolutely, this is just a ploy from Butts Mehre to sell merchandise. The blackout can make fan experience in Sanford Stadium second to none, but only if you do it right. They’re just trying to trick Jim Bob into thinking that the ULL game has some sort of significance now so they can sell some tickets. It’s a joke.


  9. brewdawg

    Seems like a good way to keep people interested in a game that fans might be tempted to pass on or not have as much interest in. Like having the best drink special at a bar on a Wednesday night.


  10. CPark58

    Georgia black jerseys and Florida orange jerseys in Jacksonville on odd years, current traditional red/blue on even years.

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