East is east, and West is west, and never the twain shall meet… except…

Kinda lopsided, SEC.

Cross-divisional showdowns within the SEC continue to be overwhelmingly troublesome for the Eastern side. Western Division teams are 9-2 against the East this year and 33-8 since the start of the 2014 season.

Those totals include the results of the past two SEC championship games, when Alabama throttled Missouri and Florida by the combined count of 71-28. The West has snagged seven straight SEC title games overall, with Alabama claiming four, Auburn two and LSU one.

Alabama hasn’t lost to an East team in six seasons.  Wowser.

There is one East team holding up its end of the deal, though.

6 Straight seasons with a victory over an SEC West team for Georgia after the Bulldogs beat Auburn 13-7 on Saturday. No other SEC East team will own victories over SEC West opponents in even the 2015 and 2016 seasons if Florida doesn’t beat LSU this week. The SEC East is 2-9 in interdivision games this year.

Auburn, they couldn’t have done it without you.


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26 responses to “East is east, and West is west, and never the twain shall meet… except…

  1. Bob

    Actually, the Dawgs are the ONLY SEC East team to have a winning record against the West since they started dominating in 2009.


  2. Bulldog Joe

    Tennessee has lost 13 in a row against the SEC West.



  3. DawgPhan

    UGA must lead the league in weird stats that should be positive, but mostly seem like insults.


    • DawgFlan

      +1! Haha, it does seem like every positive stat about UGA serves only to rub salt in the wound of not getting a recent SEC or national championship. Recruiting rankings, win %, 9-10 win seasons, NFL players, offensive stats under Bobo, defensive stats under Pruitt…


    • Jeff Sanchez



  4. sUGArdaddy

    I think all this stuff is cyclical. In the ’90s, UT would be ranked, like #4, and Florida would be #1. We’d be ranked #12 and be 3rd in our division. Bama was a train wreck in the mid-late 90’s except for that ’99 blip. Auburn was up and down. LSU was a mess.

    Saban will retire or die. Kirby will build an empire. South Carolina will improve. LSU and Auburn are already looking shaky.

    It comes and it goes.

    Tennessee got to play for a chance to go to the National Championship vs. a mediocre Miss. State team in ’98. That really happened.


    • Otto

      Agreed, I just hope Smart doesn’t pull a Bill Curry when Saban retires.


    • Otto

      Further LSU just fired a HC which could lead to a TN type journey, Ole Miss maybe going under sanctions, and Mullen as much as I like him may have hit ceiling at Miss St. and how hard will it be to excitement around the program?

      TN has vastly improved, the crocs are competitive and who knows what McElwain can build down there. UF has shown the willingness to fire and has had success bringing in a coach from another part of the country.

      Power shifts from east to west.


      • Will (The Other One)

        I think/hope we’ve seen the ceiling on what McElwain can do…he’s won with defense thus far, but has an OC background. He’s defensive recruiting is a big step down from what Boom was doing, and he’s yet to have great QB play for an entire season.


  5. watcher16

    I think my favorite stat is:

    30 Years since the previous time that Georgia had a two-game lead on Auburn in the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry. The Bulldogs’ 13-7 victory on Saturday was their third in a row over the Tigers and put Georgia ahead 57-55-8 in the series. That’s the first two-game advantage for the Bulldogs since their 20-16 victory in 1986 gave them a 42-40-7 lead.

    Feels good!


  6. Bob

    Actually the current streak is a bit of an oddity in the Georgia-Auburn series. Unlike the Tennessee, Florida and Tech series, long sustained winning streaks are rare for each team. And until recently, the Tigers had owned Sanford and we owned Jordan-Hare. Thankfully, right now, we seem to own both.



    Nothing about this stat bothers me.


  8. Bright Idea

    Is it just me or does it feel like internal politics are less intrusive on coaches in the west? They just seem to have more of a blank check to do as they please and more patience from their fan bases. When something goes wrong they either cover it up or shrug it off. The 90 day FOI law may be our first shot in that direction.


    • Go Dawgs!

      I think it’s just you. Look no further than the dumpster fire that is the LSU athletic building, the fact that Auburn fired a coach two years after a national championship and the War Eagle rabble is now rousing against Malzahn, Arkansas FOIA’d out Nutt and then had to fire Petrino for sex and they’re getting restless with Bielema, A&M is getting antsy with Sumlin, etc.


    • Bulldog Joe

      I don’t see more patience from their fan bases, but the academic interference is certainly less from the West schools, especially in the areas of eligibility and oversigning.

      These two factors accelerated the West over the East in the last decade.


  9. Russ

    Actually, other than Bama we’ve done well against the West.


    • Mayor

      Correct. And pretty much nobody in the SEC or in the entire nation for that matter has done well against the Tide since 2008.


      • 1smartdude

        I take it doing well is beating a West opponent and 10 win seasons. Hey, I’m not arguing but winning the East once in the last blue moon and no SEC title isn’t a real standard for doing well, it’s a standard for mediocrity. I thought that was the complete point of the coaching change. We’ve got to have the only fan base who can flip flop our position this much from week to week. Happy as always with the Auburn victory but like you guys pointed out, it’s been fairly regular for us but still leaves that hollow feeling at the end of the year. I guess we all need to feel good about something but winning the Auburn game as a yearly season highlight just isn’t making me feel special any more.


  10. Macallanlover

    I think UGA has about a 70% records of wins against the West in regular season. Doubt anyone can touch that in the East…and that includes the bad nineties records.


    • Hobnail_Boot

      UGA vs SEC West since 1992:

      3-5 vs. Alabama (.375)
      8-2 vs. Arkansas (.800)
      14-10-1 vs. Auburn (.580)
      6-4 vs. LSU (.600)
      12-4 vs. Mississippi (.750)
      5-1 vs. MSU (.833)
      ** 1-0 vs. Texas A&M while in B12

      That’s 48-26-1 (.647) since the SEC went to divisional play, counting the Liberty Bowl vs. the Aggies. Not too shabby.


  11. It all goes in cycles and will somewhere down the road.


  12. Mayor

    We talked about this the other day here but overall the East was on top of the West from the beginning of divisions in the SEC until about 7 years ago when it reversed. Some West teams occasionally won the SEC during the East dominance but certainly overall the East teams beat the West teams in the regular season until 2009 when it reversed. Personally, I think it was because of oversigning. The West teams did it but the East teams didn’t–at least not at first. Oversigning was how Saban turned Bama around as fast as he did.