Malzahn’s Kryptonite

Danielson made a big deal out of Kirby Smart’s experience defending Malzahn’s offense, but in reality, Saturday was more of a continuation of Georgia’s good work than merely that.

Of the six games in which Auburn has failed to register at least 300 yards of total offense under coach Gus Malzahn have come against Georgia. The Bulldogs held the Tigers to their puniest output in Malzahn’s tenure at 164 yards in a 13-7 victory over Auburn on Saturday. Georgia was the first team to hold Malzahn’s Tigers to fewer than 300 yards during their 2014 visit to Sanford Stadium, when Auburn gained 292 yards in a 34-7 loss. In 2015, Georgia held Auburn to 275 yards in the Bulldogs’ 20-13 victory. LSU and Alabama limited the Tigers to 260 yards last season, which had been Auburn’s low under Malzahn until Saturday’s game. Georgia held Auburn without a first down in the second half on Saturday.

Not so tough without that rabbit’s foot.


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9 responses to “Malzahn’s Kryptonite

  1. Go back to the game in 2011 with him as coordinator for Cheat-zik. Sanford has been a house of horrors for the Tiglesmen’s offense.


  2. BobDawg58

    Overlooked in Saturday’s win was Auburn had played 7 of their 9 games at home and their 2 road games while against SEC west foes were relatively calm affairs. I felt that Auburn was totally unprepared for a very loud and hostile night environment and became more rattled as the game went on. I think White was more scared and unnerved than injured in the second half! Just curious but how in today’s intricate SEC scheduling does a team even manage to have 8 home games?


    • dawgfan

      Auburn does not play at a “neutral game” location each year like UGA does in Jacksonvile. Also, Auburn does not have a permanent home and home out of conference opponent like Ga Tech. Without the annual Jacksonville game and Tech on the schedule, UGA could play at least seven home games every other year.


  3. Lrgk9

    Hear that Mahlzan is begging Butch to give it back.


  4. Russ

    Something is missing from the first sentence you quoted, Senator.

    But yeah, I agree with the point. We’ve done well against the Gus bus, except for when he bought Cam. Two years ago was epic when we beat Nick Marshall like he stole something.


    • Faulkner

      We hold 3 of the six under 300 yard games.


    • Um … he did steal something (or covered for someone else who did).

      Is Marshall even in the League now? If he had not gotten into trouble at UGA, he would have become a prototype big cover corner in the Patrick Peterson mold that would have made big bucks at the next level.


  5. Oh no, everyone is wrong—-according to all the Alabama writers, especially the writers, and Auburn fans, it was Auburn’s fault, not anything UGA did well. Heresy, to say UGA did well. One of the many down parts of living in AL.