If you haven’t had the chance to see the game and have a couple of hours to kill, here’s the CBS live stream (commentary, but no replays):

And as a bonus, here’s some post-game analysis from Gary Danielson.



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11 responses to “R-r-r-r-replay!

  1. I don’t think it would have mattered if Pettway had played or not. This defense got after Auburn for 60 minutes. At 7-0 at the break, I knew we had a good chance. A great win … let’s use it as a springboard to finish strong. Who thought 3 weeks ago that we would have a legitimate shot to finish with 9 wins? I didn’t.


    • MGW

      Who knows if it would have changed the outcome, but its always a big deal to lose one of your best players. Could have been the difference between a W and another moral victory. But either way, that sure didn’t look like a team who gave two shits what Auburn was ranked or what the point spread was. We’re very young and we’ve had some tough breaks (and played a couple flat out bad games), but we’re a good team and they showed that on Saturday.


      • Yep – the team played their best game of the year. The defense was fun to watch. Young Mr. Eason continues to get better. The special teams are really improving … did I just say that?


  2. MGW

    Why is it that no matter how long the game was, these youtube replays somehow always turn out to be exactly 2 hours.


  3. I was listening on the radio for the first half and missed the Javon Wims catch that was wiped out by a penalty of some sort.

    Can anyone point me to it on the replay?


  4. Javon ‘Mims’. Verne’s still got that magic!


  5. Thanks for posting these Senator. Almost a year removed from cutting the cord and ditching the dish. Been one of my better decisions, except for finding replays of Georgia games on demand. (Noonkick doesn’t always post all of the sec games) Now I’m settled in with a bourbon, streaming from GTP, and ready to watch the Dawgs kick some tiger booty! Go Dawgs!