A healthy quarterback would have never done that.

If you listened to the broadcast of the Auburn game, Gary Danielson pointed out what Sean White did wrong on the key play of the game, Maurice Smith’s pick-six, which was to misread the coverage in the secondary.

For more detail, check out what Kirby Smart had to say about the play for SEC Film Room, which broadcast last night.

Hint:  no mention made of Sean White’s injury.


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9 responses to “A healthy quarterback would have never done that.

  1. Russ

    Well, if they had Pettway and Franklin out there, it would have made a difference. I mean, them having 13 players on the field would have to help, wouldn’t it?


    • Griff

      So true Russ! Georgia could never beat Auburn on the road without our best RB…oh wait, we did last year. Never mind.
      The funny thing is Auburn fans know that Franklin isn’t the answer.


  2. Derek

    SEC Film Room last night was fun to watch. The various ways that the defense gives the qb a false read pre-snap, and even post snap with the pick-6, was impressive. Auburns qb simply didnt have time to realize he was fooled.

    Once Smith opened up his hips to run with the receiver the qb had every reason to think the underneath would be cleared out. Instead, Smith goes from a man look to sitting in the zone right where the ball is thrown.

    It’s these sorts of things that makes it essential to have an athletic and/or accurate deep ball thrower to beat a team like Alabama (and in the future us.). You can’t run the ball effectively and the so-called “easy” throws are fraught with peril because the qb can’t trust what he is seeing.

    You add to that the off the charts athletic attributes of guys like 78 and 3 and pretty soon you’ve got an impenetrable defense. Can’t wait until we get some big time receivers and a legit o-line. I know things have been ugly at times in 2016, but if we can effectively replace #2 in the secondary, I like our chances for some second year magic.


    • Cojones

      True, but their receivers cooperated wonderfully by dropping a couple of possible TDs that, in the least, could have gotten them big yardages and first downs. Bet even LL won’t do that for us and we won’t look as deadly in the secondary as we did with Auburn. They weren’t any different this year than last year, we were just waiting to out the over-hyped aholes.

      It’s great that the athletes we knew we had are getting a chance, but we continue in the building stage on both sides of the ball. With these cardiac kids we can be looking for exciting play, no matter the team.


  3. Napoleon BonerFart

    I haven’t seen an injured QB so ineffective against UGA since Tebow in 2007.


  4. Based on the interception throw, maybe we all got the wrong info. Maybe it was a brain injury.


    • Macallanlover

      Or maybe it was not an injury at all, but a one half suspension. Much talk about that, even on the Auburn boards last week.