Oh, so NOW they’re not talking.

Barney Farrar, the dude who came to national attention on NFL draft night when some of Laremy Tunsil’s texts about needing money were exposed, has been placed on administrative leave.  And suddenly, the sounds of silence emanate from Oxford.

Ole Miss athletic director Ross Bjork declined to comment on the situation, as did a university spokesman. Attempts by The Clarion-Ledger to reach Farrar were unsuccessful.

Hugh Freeze wouldn’t comment on the matter Wednesday.

I guess all that’s left to find out is if Farrar turns out to be the scapegoat or the canary in the coal mine.


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19 responses to “Oh, so NOW they’re not talking.

  1. Russ

    They’re $till ha$hing out the detail$ on whether he i$ the canary or the $capegoat.


  2. Linda

    He is the Scapegoat.


  3. Go Dawgs!

    NCAA comin’.

    Just kidding, they’re totally not coming.


  4. dawgman3000

    Sleaziness at its finest…..next to the Barners that is


  5. AusDawg85

    It’s hard to comment when wearing a gas mask and inhaling the weed.


  6. Cousin Eddie

    He was released on due to developing amnesia, you can go talk to him in the Bahamas, but don’t expect him to remember much except that his new “retirement” house is on the beach.


  7. Normaltown Mike

    Bjork declined a comment?…chalk it up to human…behavior


  8. Mayor

    Anybody who thinks that Farrar is the architect of what went on with Tunsil (and the other players on the tab) at Ole Piss is too stupid to work at the NCAA….wait…..


  9. Lrgk9

    Or he could go DeepThroat Watergate style.


  10. Administrative leave, when I worked at a newspaper, meant your ass was going to be fired. Just how much was it going to cost the paper, or how much detail was in the non disclosure pact, were the main driving points. At Ole Miss, you better get some body guards.