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Yeah, both of Georgia’s trick play calls against Auburn flopped — one of them spectacularly — but you get the feeling from some of Smart’s comments that they still achieved something simply by running them.

During his run as Alabama defensive coordinator, Smart saw his share of trick plays, which he said “tend to stick in your memory.”

He rattled off several—all against Auburn, including one in 2010.

“You try to prevent them by staying home and being disciplined but they happen a lot,” he said. “We got hit on another one on a sprint-out, throw-back to (Philip) Lutzenkirchen that probably cost us the game the year they won the national title. So I remember a lot of trick plays.”

If they stuck in the back of his mind, perhaps his reasoning is that they’ll force opposing coaches into taking them into account in preparing for Georgia, too.  Of course, running them successfully would probably help more with regards to that.


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