Jacob Eason is already better than Todd Gurley.

Hey, he’s thrown more 50-yard passes in ten games than Gurley did his entire career.

Snark aside, it’s a welcome development to see the deep ball once again a part of Georgia’s offense.


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40 responses to “Jacob Eason is already better than Todd Gurley.

  1. Irwin R. Fletcher

    Ok….so I’m not trying to sound stuck on myself…but that is the second article this week that has basically mirrored a comment I made on GTP

    I think it’s worth pointing out that Eason has as many (sic) 50 yard passes in the past two games as Mason and Lambert had in their full two seasons starting.


    In the last two weeks, Jacob Eason has seen more success completing the deep ball than Georgia did in the two seasons before he arrived.

    Anyway…I love this article. Harps on all the things that I think will make us better (Wims/Ridley developing and Eason’s arm strength)


  2. John Denver is full of shit...

    A fing MEN


  3. Bright Idea

    Going back to the two pass interference calls against UNC that essentially won the game Eason does not mind turning it loose downfield.


  4. Russ

    Auburn seemed to be the game where Eason really found his range. Previously he had consistently underthrown his receivers. It obviously wasn’t arm strength, I think it was just getting g enough reps and getting in rhythm during the game. This Eason kid might be pretty good.😉


  5. Speaking of Gurley, he’s sort of hit a wall this year.


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    Matthew Stafford made a lot of strong throws, but Eason seems to better at throwing the bomb.


  7. CB

    Hutson Mason was still good though.


    • Cosmic Dawg

      Yes he was. DGD.


        • Brandon

          Sure you could’ve done better


          • CB

            That is the worst recurring argument ever. Like you can’t criticize anyone if you can’t do a better job yourself. You ever criticize the president? If so, could you do better? If you could then why aren’t you on the campaign trail?

            If I was on full scholarship to play qb at UGA I would have been expected to do better than Mason, and I would have been rightfully criticized if I couldn’t complete any passes down field the way he couldn’t.


            • Irwin R. Fletcher

              like you can’t criticize anyone if you can’t do a better job yourself.

              Clearly a creedo you live by.

              Say whatever you want about Mason’s limitations… scrambling, deep ball, etc….he put up a season that set the school record and put him in the top 10 in SEC History for competition percentage…anyone that looks at that and says he wasn’t ‘good’ isn’t being critical, they are just being stupid.


            • just sayin

              Damn….just one sour post after another for you today. Take your wife some flowers. Maybe things will turn around for you.


              • CB

                Maybe I’ll take your wife some flowers, and then you can come up with a better name than the ridiculous cliche that you came up with.


                • Macallanlover

                  He’s right you know, you are a overly negative…and only negative based on your own opinion, not facts, or professional knowledge. Bad form, and bad fan. Go run down your own team’s players.


        • Cosmic Dawg

          I gathered…but I responded that way on purpose, in case you were being sincere…

          Kid did a great job for us and probably got the most from his God-given talents.

          Just fyi, a small nuance of this fan thing is to pull for your guys and slag on the other team’s guys.

          Keep working and you could one day be as good a fan as Mason is a quarterback – boy, think of that!


  8. Uglydawg

    The fear of the deep pass is a big deal. If we did play Tennessee again (mentioned recently in a thread), they would have a hard time dealing with the more developed Eason. He’s going to be a great one.


  9. Linda

    No doubt about it.


  10. AthensHomerDawg

    It’s been kinda harsh in here today…Teddy bears, Play-Doh and coloring books are staples of nursery schools, but now they need to show up on college football bloggs like GTO to help distraught bloggers cope with the opinions of a blogger they don’t like.


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