Social media and smokin’ dope.

If you’re an Ole Miss football player, that’s what you do.

“Ole Miss did not immediately have comment.”

And if you’re the Ole Miss administration, that’s what you do.


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21 responses to “Social media and smokin’ dope.

  1. It’s for medicinal purposes. He just had surgery, bro.


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      He’s filling those wraps with Bugler. Everybody knows that.


    • Cojones

      Right, BD. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work the same way medicinally with everyone. It exacerbates my pain, but many take it medicinally to alleviate pain. It gives many the munchies, therefore, it’s good medicinally when you want the patient’s appetite driven after taking medication that makes one feel nauseous, but some people are allergic or can’t take it because it makes them feel ill. Some, like me , take it for glaucoma (it reduces inner eye pressure on the optic nerve blood supply) and to sleep better at night.

      Obviously, Chad’s blinding pain from the operation requires him to eat more to repair faster for his date with the NFL. Hope no one hacks his hand-held on draft night.


  2. RandallPinkFloyd

    Bro, just vape.

    State legalization has provided great technology and discreetness. Use it to your advantage.


  3. Linda

    Medicinal Dope is legal in Georgia.


  4. Mad Mike

    The Blue Falcon strikes again….


  5. WarD Eagle

    Not sure any of should be throwing around, “that’s what they do” with such sarcasm.

    I can’t really care about college kids smoking pot.


    • It’s not the smoking pot I snark. It’s the smoking pot and letting the world know.


    • We know Auburn has few sensibilities and “can’t really care about”:

      Paying players and keeping it “down home.”
      Accepting any castoff from any program no matter the offense
      Offering other head coaches your position w/o the knowledge of the current head coach
      Intimidating former players who discuss the true nature of the auburn program
      Citing to NDA provisions linked to Terry Bowden’s buyout after he publicly acknowledged that Auburn indeed had a slush fund for players.
      A four year player at auburn who asserted that his child support obligations should be lesssened due to the fact that he was illiterate

      We need no reminders around here of what Auburn fans “can’t really care about.”


  6. And as Freeze says about Kelly ” . . .he’s changed for the better.” Yea, he’s down from eight blunts a day to four.


  7. Napoleon BonerFart

    Ole Miss needs to get tough here and suspend Kelly for the rest of the season.


    • Cojones

      To what purpose? He ain’t playing anymore this year. Maybe wreck his NFL career, but Ole Miss wants to list him as one of those players that goes to the NFL with their great coaching methods.

      You say that you want them to quit their hypocrisy about their drug plan and use him as a poster boy to reassert themselves back in the game of standards for FB players? And say that they now are above taking or making damaged goods for their team to have a better chance to win? That would all occur at about the same time that pigs learn to fly, wouldn’t it?.


  8. 69Dawg

    Chad DGAS. He’s out. His only problem is if the NFL finally catches on that no matter how good a QB you are character matters. He will still be drafted but he will lose a lot of money.


  9. Mayor

    That’s not dope. It’s oregano. They are just working on their Greek salad recipe. Chad’s a Home Ec major isn’t he?


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