Come for the jerseys. Stay for the football.

Just shoot me.  Now.

The excitement for an early kickoff usually just isn’t the same as the energy level for a game that starts later in the day. However, don’t expect a typically dull environment when UGA takes on Lousiana-Lafayette, because there’s a chance that UGA’s decision to wear its alternate uniform — black jerseys with red helmets and silver britches — will make this game feel like the kind of event fans want to leave a tailgate to attend.

Sadly, I think McGarity’s totally fine with that.



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  1. Hardcoredawg 93



  2. heyberto

    I’m all for using a game like this to take the stigma off of the black jerseys, but if this becomes synonymous with cupcakes over the years, it’ll make me hate them. It was fake juice for the team… now it’s fake juice for the fans.


  3. If the team plays well, I don’t give a damn about the jersey color, the quality of the opponent, or the start time. We need to take an overmatched team and put them through a meat grinder. Murray as a freshman in his 1st start for as team that finished with a losing record beat them 55-7. GATA.


    • Macallanlover

      “over matched team”? Not sure how you arrived at that conclusion with ULL. They are far from a bottom dweller and we are far from a powerhouse. Ga. Southern isn’t their usual threat in 2016, but neither are we, and ULL took them down last weekend in the Boro. That alone doesn’t make me fear them but they have a decent run defense which can make our offense look very constipated, and their QB averaged over yards a carry…and you know UGA’s issues with mobile QBs. I would be very happy with a 14 point win and no injuries. Wind could be an issue in the kicking game for both teams but could hurt the one having red zone problems on both sides of the ball. Focus Dawgs, focus, we aren’t good enough to take anyone lightly. Just win, baby!


      • They are a sub-.500 team in a mid-major. Boise State, the best team on their schedule, beat them by 35 in Lafayette. I didn’t say to take anyone lightly. As a matter of fact, we need to take them seriously and coach and play like we’re interested in winning rather than more interested in developing an identity as we have in other games like this in 2016. If our defense and special teams play as they did last week, we should keep them under 14 points because they should not be able to drive the field against us. On offense, we should be able to exploit match-ups in the passing game with Wims, Ridley, Godwin, McKenzie and Nauta … not even to throw in Sony and Nick out of the backfield. The question is whether we’re willing to do it or not from the sideline. Win special teams and hold on to the ball … we win easily.


  4. Cousin Eddie

    any statement that doesn’t involve the phrase, “that’s gonna cost UGA money,” is ok with McG


  5. The Dawg abides

    Hope McG realizes how bad all the empty seats looked on TV. Three teams we beat, two of which are very mediocre, all get later starts on the SEC Network/ alternate . . . against FCS teams. Having a great season will get you the CBS 3:30 or ESPN night game, but you can’t convince me that our administration hasn’t let the SEC Network know they prefer the noon slot.


  6. B-UGA

    From all the empty seats I saw on television (through the entire game)…It looked like the black jerseys, kick off time, & the opponent did nothing for bringing out the fans or Game Day environment….on a positive note, at least they upgraded the music a little from our normal bevy of ‘Come on Eileen’, ‘Don’t stop Believing’, ‘Sweet Caroline’, and other terrible pump up music….I actually heard AC/DC twice, Poison, & Soulja Boy (probably still had from the last Blackout).