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The silver lining in the cloud of meh

Yes, 2016 has turned out to be a largely forgettable year if you’re a Georgia fan.  Which is not the same thing as saying there haven’t been certain pleasures worth savoring.

For example, Booch will walk away with this season’s doing the least with the most in the SEC East award.  (No, Mark Richt didn’t retire the award.  Smart ass.)  That’s only a little part of the fun, though.  Way more enjoyable is discovering how inept he is with spin.

I swear, you can’t make shit like that up.  I just hope UT’s learned the wrong lesson from its coaching carousel and lets him hang around for a while.  He’s fun.




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“Pretty cool, innit it?”

With Florida’s win in Baton Rouge yesterday, Jim McElwain became the first coach in SEC history to take his team to the championship game in each of his first two seasons.  So you’ll have to forgive him if he’s a little pissy about the backstory to yesterday’s game.



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Offensive futility, in one chart

The next time you think about bashing Jim Chaney as the most inept offensive coordinator in college football, pause to reflect on the game Illinois’ offense had yesterday.

The best part of it all was that Illinois never kicked off in the game.


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“Like I said, I’m going to get a chance. It’s no secret I’m going to get a chance at the next level.”

Because the future is brightest for once-touted Heisman Trophy candidates who find themselves demoted to third string.


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Still got it.

If Nick Chubb’s lost a step due to the knee injury, it came as news to the ULL defenders he outran on his way to the end zone yesterday.

“I never saw him not confident in the knee,” head coach Kirby Smart said, alluding to Chubb’s knee surgery last year. “Maybe y’all did. I don’t know. Everybody talks about the production. I don’t think that production’s based on Nick, I think it’s based on a whole lot of other things. New quarterback. Offensive line. Whatever reason, you can point fingers right here to me.

“But Nick Chubb has been everything I anticipate him being: A leader, toughness, practice, never says a word, never complains about anything. He’s your ideal teammate.”


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