“Pretty cool, innit it?”

With Florida’s win in Baton Rouge yesterday, Jim McElwain became the first coach in SEC history to take his team to the championship game in each of his first two seasons.  So you’ll have to forgive him if he’s a little pissy about the backstory to yesterday’s game.



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31 responses to ““Pretty cool, innit it?”

  1. 92 grad

    I still hate UF. Like, I’m not joking. But Jim did a great job of expressing a lot of things there so I’ll throw a hattip his way. I do not like UF though, for the record.


  2. heyberto

    You gotta love how pissed off he is. But I guess that’s how the coach that gets to face Alabama feels. It’s like everyone was trying to not win the east to avoid that embarrassment.


  3. gastr1

    I bet Jim conveniently didn’t mention that his AD could’ve kept that a home game with just the tiniest bit of effort.


    • Careful Brad

      Exactly, I don’t get the UF side of this argument. They refused to postpone the game even a day and expected LSU to give up an already scheduled home game and home game revenue because of UF’s stubbornness.
      Then after the game he says it was wrong to want to play a game when people were going through tragedy in reference to a hurricane that missed Gainesville. Keep in mind he said that while he is in Baton Rouge, a city that was actually flooded when the season began. Then he says LSU “got what they deserved”. I hope Bama beats his yellow teeth in.


      • A10Penny

        It’s fake juice. But coaches look for any edge they can get, and this may have worked for them


      • Sh3rl0ck

        expected LSU to give up an already scheduled home game and home game revenue because of UF’s stubbornness

        They wanted LSU to play their home game South Alabama yesterday. Florida wanted the game canceled. The only reason it was played was because Greg Sankey ruled that his interpretation of the rules required a team to play all eight SEC games in order to be eligible to play in the SEC Championship game. That is how LSU ended up with the leverage to force the game to Baton Rouge.


  4. Dolly Llama

    I think that was the painfulest postgame coach interview I’ve ever watched.


  5. Linda

    Make sure you say nice things after the SECC in Atl. I would like the SEC east to win, but they will be slaughtered by Al.


    • Mayor

      Pray tell why would you EVER want FU to win the SECCG? SEC East hell, I want EVERY SEC East member whoever that is to lose the SECCG if it is not Georgia!! Those are our rivals and FU is the biggest one. It does absolutely no good for Georgia for Florida to win the SEC Championship. We recruit against them!



    I think they guy is a good game day Coach for sure…


  7. I hope Alabama kicks their teeth in and takes their lunch money. Both sides of this ridiculous saga acted like a bunch of babies. Greg $ankey looked like the impotent, empty suit that he is.

    My conference loyalty is pretty much gone at this point.


  8. Scorpio Jones, III

    Does Flurda offer undergraduate degrees in post-game whining?


  9. sniffer

    If ESPN is to be believed, UF is 1-0 against ranked teams (we are 2-1 against the coaches poll). How is it that UF has had such a great year? One ranked team? Because they are East champs? Color me unimpressed, regardless of McIlwains righteous indignation.


    • Mayor

      Florida won the SEC East sniffer. We didn’t. The Gators also beat us pretty handily. Do you really think this year’s Georgia team would have beaten LSU yesterday? Any time a team wins 1/2 of the SEC that is at least a partially successful year. What concerns me most is that McElwaine won the East his first 2 seasons as HC with personnel on offense that really isn’t all that great. What is going to happen when he gets the players he really needs to run his O? He is an offensive coach mind you. I fear that FU came out on top in hiring the Nick Saban assistant coaches lottery–not Georgia. Time will tell.


      • sniffer

        Not my point, Mayor. CJM appeared to claim his team was deserving of that win by taking some high road by playing at LSU and that UF was rewarded for it. My point is that they played a weak schedule and needed TN to fold to get to ATL. I don’t know if we could have beaten LSU yesterday, nor am I claiming that UF is otherwise undeserving. Simply, they are lucky to be going to ATL.

        ps. They nearly lost yesterday.


      • Q

        McElwain is a mediocre recruiter. It’s hard to win in this league that way.


      • ugafidelis

        F McElwaine and F the Gators. The only reason they are where they are os because of luck and some sort of damn curse that the Dawgs can’t shake.


        • Mayor

          Go back and look at the schedules and results for UGA and FU for the last 28 years. If UGA had beaten FU those years where FU beat UGA, for the most part the Dawgs would have won those SEC East and SEC championships instead of the Gators. It isn’t a curse. It is losing in JAX that does it. Maybe we ought to at least consider not playing them in JAX every year? If you want to call it a curse, fine. I don’t. I just call it giving a hated rival de facto home field advantage every year.


          • Olddawg55

            Mayor, a football field is a football field when the stands are half filled with your fans. It’s the coaching and game prep that wins when you have the talent that we have and they have theirs. Don’t become a whiner and join the AU and USC fans. After the rush yards/avg that ULaLa put on us Sat, I’m really worried with a team like Tech that attacks the perimeter so well and we defend it so poorly. Tackling improvement would help. Damn, we’ve got the talent to dominate anyone!! GATA, Dawgs!!!


  10. W Cobb Dawg

    Back-to-back division titles for mizzou, and now back-to-back for uf. And frankly, I don’t see us challenging for the division title next season with this offensive staff. In the words of William Bendix: “What a revoltin’ development this is!”


  11. Macallanlover

    Dislike FU, really dislike their lousy fans, but you have to like McElwain as a person. Good guy, but have to say he slipped a little yesterday when attempting to defend the stupid handling of the hurricane debacle by his former AD boss. Even Florida fans, who don’t understand much that is football related, have a hard time explaining why FU shouldn’t be ridiculed. When they do, and realize you aren’t stupid enough to buy that crazy rationale, they start stammering and almost laugh at themselves. He is smarter than that, and he doesn’t have to pretend any longer that Foley didn’t embarrass himself, and the university. Put some distance between him and yourself man.


  12. Burt Whole

    Jim got some big teeth. I wonder if he’s related to Nancy Kerrigan.


  13. Uglydawg

    The Senator has made a statement in the past, that McElwy is going to be a hard man not to like…that he is such a nice person, (or something to that effect), and I’ll agree with that. It isn’t his fault he was offered one of the big jobs in the CF world…He would have been crazy not to take it. And he’s done well, so far.
    We don’t know what will happen when they get on the field against Alabama. It will be very telling. If he stays close, or wins..the sky will be the limit for his program. If he loses, even badly, no one will blame him because he wasn’t supposed to get there anyway, and besides..it’s Alabama..they are expected to win big.
    I know some Hillbilly fans are playing the “Sour Grapes” card today. I’ve personally heard, “Let Florida take the stomping from Alabama”…
    Tennessee would have certainly gotten curb stomped by ‘Bama..no doubt in my mind and I was kind of looking forward to it. But now I can enjoy the possibility that Vandy will beat them. Vol fans celebrated when Vandy got UGA.. That would be quite a feat and season for Anchor U.
    But I’m not sure Florida “doesn’t have a chance”. They do have a chance. We need to hope they don’t win.


  14. Mike

    I did not consider that interview to be pissy. Now, his post game formal interview? “They got what they deserve. It should have been worse.” Now that was a bit pissy. And the LSU fans and administration earned those comments.


    • Will (The Other One)

      Given how his offense’s played pretty much every game after the Kentucky win, other than wishful thinking, how could it have “been worse” for LSU?

      He’s still an interesting hire to me, because, on one hand he’s got two SEC East titles in two years. On the other, he’s a former OC who’s winning with defense (and has yet to hit the numbers Kurt Roper’s lone UF offense put up.) It’ll be interesting, with 90% or so of production returning, to see if he can finally put a decent offense on the field next season.


  15. Watching UF play is kinda like watching the person with the three shells and the one penny. Lots of illusion and then I wonder how did they just win that game?


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