Still got it.

If Nick Chubb’s lost a step due to the knee injury, it came as news to the ULL defenders he outran on his way to the end zone yesterday.

“I never saw him not confident in the knee,” head coach Kirby Smart said, alluding to Chubb’s knee surgery last year. “Maybe y’all did. I don’t know. Everybody talks about the production. I don’t think that production’s based on Nick, I think it’s based on a whole lot of other things. New quarterback. Offensive line. Whatever reason, you can point fingers right here to me.

“But Nick Chubb has been everything I anticipate him being: A leader, toughness, practice, never says a word, never complains about anything. He’s your ideal teammate.”


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  1. With the 2 tackles everyone complained about last year and Pyke back at his natural position at guard, Chubb would probably be around 1,200 yards rushing at this point in the season (Michel would be closing in on 1,000). The guy hasn’t lost a step. It’s just damn hard to get yards when you’re trying to evade defensive linemen as soon as you get the ball.


    • CB

      Chubb may not have lost a step running in a straight line, but laterally he doesn’t have nearly the ability/strength to make defenders miss like he did pre injury. I hope he can regain it, but it’s simply not there. No long touchdowns against Sun Belt teams or happy talk by the head coach can change that. Hopefully he can get it back, but it’s just not there.

      Case and point, I think we’re all in agreement that Chubb has been better than Michel over the course of their career. If Chubb was back to pre injury form then how is it that Michel has been more productive in conference games while running behind the exact same line?


  2. AusDawg85

    Kirby trolling those in row 37F. Maybe Nick and Sony were able to help big Jim see more after he moved up to the box?


  3. No way to know for sure what is going on but hopefully he can stay healthy for 2 more games and get his NFL shot.


  4. ApalachDawg

    He looked pretty damn good from Temple Bar too & the Guinness tasted a little bit sweeter…


  5. It’s always dangerous to speculate but IF,as I speculate , Eason threw Chubb open… or at least away from the linebacker…. than the kid (Eason) is not only a killer physical talent but his game awareness is getting better game by game. If Kirby will just go JUCO and get a couple linemen for next year it could be real fun. Not for Chubb because he’s gone but I think we’ve got couple running backs who get that pass in the end zone..


  6. CB

    In all seriousness, Chubb was easily a top 10 draft pick before he got hurt. Once NFL scouts get there hands on this year’s game tape there is pretty much no chance he goes in the first 2 rounds. Maybe not even first 4. I pray that I’m proven wrong, because that kid deserves every good thing coming to him and more, but I just don’t see it.