Get ‘yer Hate Week on, day one.

It’s Georgia Tech time, peeps.  I don’t have time for any of you weenies who express the thought that this rivalry’s time has passed.  Beating the Jackets has never lost its spice for me and if it ever did, that would be the time to plant my sorry ass in the ground.

In the meantime, to get things started, I’ll have a daily refresher on why my point of view about the game is the only proper one for a Georgia fan to have.

Today’s reminder is about the sorriest aspect of the genius’ offense.

The Bulldogs again are preparing for Tech’s triple-option offense, and all those cut blocks that come with it.

“I’m definitely not excited about playing against cut-blocking,” Bulldogs junior outside linebacker Davin Bellamy said after Saturday’s 35-21 victory against Louisiana-Lafayette. “Playing this offense is going to take a lot of discipline.”

The Bulldogs and Yellow Jackets are both 7-4 this season, with Georgia having won three straight games and Georgia Tech two.

Before their game two years ago in Athens, then-Bulldogs defensive lineman Ray Drew said he liked cut-blocking “as much as a cat likes a tub of water…”

They ain’t wrong.  Neither was Jordan Jenkins.

“As a defensive player you can’t really get up and get excited to play a team like Georgia Tech,” Jenkins said. “That offense sucks for you. There’s a chance you might get hurt. There’s a chance you’re going to be bruised up, banged up afterward. It’s not a type of offense you get excited to play. That’s why it attributes to the hate a lot of Georgia players have for Tech.”

While you’re getting in the right mood, never forget charming moments like this one.


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51 responses to “Get ‘yer Hate Week on, day one.

  1. I agree … beating tech never loses its spice for me, and we should never even entertain a request until the drought is not the one thing they can still cling to.


  2. Uglydawg

    The cut block..far away from effecting the play, should be flagged as “unnecessary roughness”.


    • It should be targeting


      • Mayor

        ^This. If the “chop block” (one player going low when the opposite player is engaged by another blocker”) is illegal why not just go all the way and make blocking below the waist illegal, period. The powers that be are concerned, and rightly so, with concussions and head trauma but most serious injuries in football are to the knees. Let’s do something about that, too. IMHO knee injuries are just as bad a problem.


  3. Uglydawg

    I hate..I hate…


  4. Rampdawg

    Fuck the yeller jokettes and all the silly little pussies on stingtalk calling for deliberate injuries to our players. Everyone of them is a cum drunk cocksucking chickenshit. I wouldn’t piss on a stingtalker if he was on fire. Fuck ’em all. IT’S. HATE WEEK !!!


  5. 3rdandGrantham

    Playing against GT is like playing against that annoying, only child kid up the street when you were younger in a game of 1 on 1 basketball. He would dribble around for 5 minutes, then back you down in the post for another 1-2 min, followed by calling a touch foul on you as he attempted a horrible turnaround shot that ended up landing in the neighbors yard.

    On defense, he would constantly slap at your forearm while trying to steal the ball, only to yell, ‘charge!’ the minute you brushed his shoulder driving past him. Finally, after trailing in a game to 11 something like 9-2, he would either fake an injury and quit or simply stall on offense, and dribble around the court with no real effort to ever take a shot.

    After a while you and your friends refused to play him again until his mom called your mom and pleaded for you to play with him, and before you knew it your mom was scheduling your 1 on 1 games with him out of guilt.


  6. Athens Dog

    Y’all know i hate these turd sucking, maggot infested, weasel like nerds more than anything. They win every ten years or so they come out of the wood works. One of my favorite memories is 2009 when there was no question of their impending victory.

    Of course “we ran the state” that night. I watched a middle aged man and his teenage son yell at the nerds as they left the stadium early. What a wonderful night (it was me and my then teenage son).

    Mind the gaps………..stay at home………..give us your lunch money you effing nerds.


    • I was at that game. Yelled “overrated” and “ACC CHAMPS” all the way out the stadium. Some dude sucker punched me (never saw him) and ran away before I even knew what happened.

      When I went to find a cop to report it, he looked at me and he looked at me and said “you a Georgia fan?” Then didn’t do much.



  7. 202dawg

    If that’s not targeting I don’t know what is. THWGT


  8. Bright Idea

    This game makes me more anxious than any other. Something about getting verbally abused by teenage nerds while leaving the Joke by the Coke AFTER a Georgia win makes me that way. That’s a problem we won’t have Saturday because Techies don’t show up for this game in Athens, not that many show up in ATL.


  9. Red Cup

    To quote Wewoff, they are booger eating morons.


  10. Kirby HAS to find a way to beat tech!
    How his first season is viewed will vary greatly, depending on the outcome. At least that’s how I feel anyway.


  11. paul

    I have always hated Tech. Especially since my oldest brother graduated from the North Avenue Trade School. While it was a much better rivalry in terms of competitiveness while I was in school (late seventies) it still feels relevant to me today. Cut blocking needs to be outlawed. The only reason it hasn’t been yet is because smaller schools need to be able to cut block when they play paycheck games. I think cut blocks are every bit as serious an issue as concussions. Make them illegal.


  12. AusDawg85

    I’d teach any defensive player to not jump over a tech player who is on the ground after a cut block. Step right on that SOB’s back.

    Hating tech should simply be in the DNA of any Georgia Bulldog. If you don’t feel it, check your heritage.


    • Olddawg55

      My Dad was a ’31 grad from UGA and as a child I was allowed two profanities: Damn Yankees and To Hell With Georgia Tech!!


  13. Comin' Down The Track
    I have discovered what looks to be a newly formatted and reopened stingtalk, Senator. This thread should suffice in igniting us.


  14. Scorpio Jones, III

    Tech is a pretty good football team. Do we have better individuals? Of course we do, not everywhere at all times, but generally we have better athletes.

    But that is beside the point. Tech is pretty good because they play as a team most of the time. The Genius’ offense requires the offense to be a team, and this is the key aspect of his offense.

    To beat an offense that plays as a team, your superior athletes have to play as a team, listen to the coaching and be disciplined.

    The first thing you have to do is forget stats. Line up on defense, play your keys, maintain discipline, don’t worry about cut blocks, just play your position.

    This is the only way a team with superior athletes beats Tech.

    There is an emotional factor in this game that negates a lot of the physical advantage Georgia has. This has been true for 20 years.

    If you want to look at film, don’t look at the games Tech lost, look at the games Tech won.

    And don’t be convinced before the kickoff that because we beat North Carolina about the same way North Carolina beat Tech that means anything for Saturday.

    Tech is fully capable of beating us if we don’t have our heads right.

    If you are not worried, you ought to be.


    • J-Dawg

      Since Tech nerds are all about the great education they get on North Ave, how about we use the GA learning stick(2 x 4) on them?


      • Scorpio Jones, III

        If you want to look at comparative opponents, try Vandy. And worry.


      • Olddawg55

        I was briefing a flight of four out of Phu Cat RVN and one of my sergeants had given me a class ring found in the mission prep area…I casually asked if anyone had lost a class ring from the North Avenue Trade School and one of the pilots said:”Gimmie my ring you Georgia sonafabitch!! Great fun in an otherwise bad environment.


  15. Kirby better have it together this week. He can’t afford to be 0-1 v The Enemy.


  16. roswell dawg

    Just remember last year and the way they got back in the game through bad 4th qtr play and stupid coaching, and then ended up winning. And then go out, don’t make stupid mistakes, stay disciplined and body slam the homos.


  17. I like to beat the nerds as much as the next guy, but I could really do without the homophobic slurs some of y’all are dropping in here. StingTalk is the place for that nonsense.


  18. Coondawg

    The best way to hate Tech, they don’t deserve to have Georgia in their name, is to be at a game they win. Especially in Athens. You will never, ever have that feeling leave your body…..’84.
    They are despicable. A collective of squinty eyed, 98 lbs self appointed know it alls. A gang of folks who relish cracking jokes over the deaths of anyone associated with the Mighty G. An organization every living, breathing Dawg Fan or God and Country lovin’ American should despise. They love Math more than a good old well breasted country girl in daisy Dukes whispering in your ear “c’mon, let me curl yer toes’. Indeed, you should hate them. A hatred of anything yellow. I frickin hate yellow taxis, banana’s, sunflowers, yellow peppers, yellow ducks, little yellow birdies with little yellow bills, yellow flowers, and the big fat yellow stripe the runs down a techies back……..oh yeah, I hate them bastages. They are terrorists and a threat to the common well being of this great nation. Teach your children and their children to hate them with prejudice.
    I Hate Tech



      Dang coondawg I couldn’t have said it any better!!!! You’re right on it my friend. I DESPISE tech to the core of my inner being! GATA JYD!!!


  19. W Cobb Dawg

    Losing to ut, fu and gtu in the same season would not be a good look for Kirby. Must. win. this. game.


  20. Sorry, but count me among the “weenies” who think this rivalry’s time has passed. I just hope our guys don’t get hurt playing that cut block offense.


  21. Russ

    We can’t beat them bad enough or often enough for me. I loved telling those pencil-necked geeks that I got my engineering degree from the school that gave birth to their trade school, AND has a better football program.

    Screw the yellow maggots.


  22. Derek

    I hate Tech. However, suggesting that the offense has anything to do with it is surely missing the point. Didn’t we hate Tech in 2007 and before? I surely did.

    The offense tech runs is the same that Erk took to several natties in Statesboro and an offense I wish he had brought to Athens with him in 1989. It’s also the same offense that the service academies all run.

    The only problem with the offense is that it isn’t pro friendly and therefore you can’t recruit talent to it in a “three and done”, “prep me for the NFL” world. However, if you want to take division II talent and compete with the big boys it’s a great leveler. You run it with legit talent like what Gailey left CPJ and it’s truly dangerous.

    Everything that defenders are taught gets thrown out the window against that offense. Why did Erk pick it? Because he found that in his years of coaching defense at Georgia he found that it was the hardest to defend. He was right in 1981 and he’s right now.

    Anyway the suggestion that the service academies and Erk are dirty or cheaters or whatever is a bit annoying to me. There are SO many good reasons to hate Tech. The offense isn’t close to the top of the list. I take it as a good thing. It’s a recognition that no one who can play football wants to go to tech so they hire a guy who can compete a little with bad football players.

    You prefer Gailey? I give you Robotron. Has Georgia Tech signed anybody of that caliber since CPJ came on board?

    In fact I can’t think of one major recruiting battle that we’ve had with the nerds in his CPJ’s tenure. We got Brendan at the end and tried to steal Hill the same way, but those don’t truly count.