The genius abides.

Mark Bradley’s got his mojo back.


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  1. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Well that’s a relief. I was worried he might pick us.


  2. sUGArdaddy

    After UT’s thumping of VT and UGA’s running over UNC, it’s quite comical to proclaim the Coastal is better than the East. This ain’t our best season in the East, but our number 2 and 3 teams took their number 1 and 2 teams to the woodshed.

    I have often said that I’ve wanted to see Bama play Tech. I know Southern ran over them 5 years ago, but we know how motivation for those games goes. I’m intrigued at Kirby and Tucker’s approach to scheme in this game.

    What a sweet, sweet game it would be for our D under their ‘first year’ coach to dial up a shut-down of that offense. Something tells me we’ll be really ready. And Roquan is tailor made for that offense. Clemson held them to 124 total yards.

    Deshaun also scorched them through the air. I keep thinking back to Murray’s freshman season. He carved them up. And that was by no means a stellar UGA offense. We didn’t score a TD the next game vs. UCF. I think Eason has a day on Saturday. And I think Nick and Sony run pretty roughshod over them. They’re middle of the pack in rushing defense and 80th in passing defense.

    I’d be willing to bet we’re ready come high noon on Saturday.


  3. DawgDaddy



  4. truck

    Thanks for that link Senator. I’m considerably less worried about the outcome now that I’ve been Bradleyed.


  5. DawgPhan

    he makes some good points…


  6. Irwin R. Fletcher

    Ok… so I had something else to say, but did anyone else see that they are trying to call VT vs. GT “THE BATTLE OF THE TECHS”? What in the name of all that is college football is that?

    Sidenote…Viriginia Tech, on any given Saturday and at any point during the season, is one of the most overrated teams in America. It goes back to them being in the Big East and beating Miami at a time when the national/East Coast media was waking up to college football.


    • Uglydawg

      Who wrote that? Sometime today Tech’s genius will probably call the AJC’s genius to congratulate him on his insight.
      BTW..MB..thanks..there is always room on the bulletin board for the thoughts of a genius. It’s already been shown to the troops this morning.


  7. lakedawg

    Am sure his butt hole buddy Schltz will be putting out an award a winning article also.


  8. Go Dawgs!



  9. Uglydawg

    Here’s a sample of MB’s expertise.

    ’16 picks: UGA 10-2, Tech 7-5
    Schedule helps Smart’s debut season; look for Richt to win the ACC Coastal.

    Author: Mark Bradley
    Date: June 5, 2016
    Publication: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The (GA) Page: C7
    Word Count: 878
    Just in time to spoil your summer, we offer Pigskin Pickin’, our annual long-range look at the college football season. These predictions come with only one guarantee: You’ll disagree with them all.
    Georgia will go 10-2 and finish second in the SEC East. Kirby Smart has brought a blend of entitlement and paranoia to Athens. The paranoid bit I get: He worked under Nick Saban. The entitled part seems odd, given Smart’s career record is 0-0. But the fresh prince of Clarke County did…
    View the full text of this story »»» Go to top of this page ….or don’t waste your time reading anymore of what this pseudo-expert has to write.


  10. Derek

    What Bradley is missing is that the battle is unit to unit. Is our offense that good? No, but we’ve done ok with the likes of tech’s defensive personnel.

    Tech’s offense got 126 yards vs. Clemson which has similar defensive talent to our own.

    In short, I’d be more worried if tech could play defense than I am that they are ok on offense. This is a favorable match up for us.


  11. D.N. Nation

    Nobody cares about Trek. The team sucks, the coach is a grump, the program’s a joke, the stadium’s empty, they have no clout once you move past three blocks from the stadium. During one of the Tech Thursday Night Games® this season, I drove literally right by the stadium on my commute home from work and barely hit any traffic. Nationally, the line on Tech – if there even is one – is “their coach runs a high school offense” and “their fans are dorks.”

    And yet, to hear Bradley and Schultz tell it, Tech is the Toast of Atlanta, a national power player, the subject of endless debate on ESPN and elsewhere.

    No one cares, guys. Not even Tech cares about their football team.

    How exactly does this get people to pick up the AJC? To buy a lengthy subscription? “Hey guyz, Tech is real kewliez!” Who cares? Why spend money for this?


    • Noonan

      They are trying to get UGA fans to click on their links for comedy value. That’s the business model of the AJC and I refuse to click through to that crap.


  12. After reading the comments section following Bradley’s article, I am even more convinced we should not play those guys any more. They make Florida fans look classy.


  13. Tronan

    I feel dirty having fallen for the clickbait. Shower time.