Today, in we’ve all been there sometime

Now, this is something.

Drake University’s head athletic trainer says he was fired in September after he peed into a tub, cleaned it, and told the athletic director.

Scott Kerr, who worked for the school for 31 years, said that he had a medical condition which required him to drink a lot of water and, in turn, pee a lot. On Aug. 29, the 61-year-old was alone cleaning a metal whirlpool when he needed to pee. Kerr’s attorney Jerry Crawford said that Kerr decided to pee in the tub since he wouldn’t make it to a bathroom, then scrubbed the tub with bleach to clean it.

Kerr later divulged what had happened to athletic director Sandy Hatfield Clubb…

Now, you may wonder what possessed him to tell the AD.  I know I did.  At least until I read this:

… not only did Clubb disapprove, she allegedly told Kerr that he should have peed himself instead, like she once did. Via WHO TV:

“The Athletic Director recounted a story where she herself urinated in her pants in an airport while on Drake business and told me I should have done the same thing,” said Kerr. “When I heard that story I was very confused, embarrassed, and I didn’t know quite how to react to that story,” said Kerr.

“The Athletic Director said to Scott that if he had urinated in his pants instead of in a metal container, he would still be there because that’s what she did at an airport,” said Crawford. “That’s as shocking as anything in this case,” he said.

That’s like seeing his “damn, son, I don’t think I’d have said that” and raising.

Drake sounds like an interesting place to work.


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16 responses to “Today, in we’ve all been there sometime

  1. HiAltDawg

    If the SEC fired everyone that “peed” themselves Penn Wagers would be in a Van, down by the River


  2. D as in Dawg

    If I was him, I would Drake on her tires.


  3. MLB2

    When in doubt, shut the hell up!


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Those of us who have reached Flomax age protest vociferously.


  5. Vectordawg

    Sounds like both of them have uromysitisis.


  6. Uglydawg

    I’m pretty sure that’s not the first or last pee that whirlpool will see. A smart boss would have said, “I didn’t hear a word you said, but don’t repeat it”.
    Before leaving her office, he should have sat on her desk and said, “By the way, I have the same problem with my bowels…UHHHHHgh.”


  7. They need more alleys there to emerge from.


  8. IMHO, a classic case of a boss who was waiting on a reason to shitcan an employee.


  9. Lrgk9

    Gotta be a sex discrimination or temporary disability or both…


  10. Cosmic Dawg

    Drake sounds like an interesting place to work.

    Got a good chuckle out of that one.


  11. Trbodawg

    Nice Juxtaposition with the previous story on the Beer Garden


  12. Sh3rl0ck

    My only regret is that he didn’t whip it out and pee on her pants when she fired him.


  13. Argondawg

    I had a very similar story…..back in kindergarten in Miss Mixon’s class but mine happened near the hat station that gave everyone lice. Kindergarten > Drake.


  14. gastr1

    Can there be any doubt why they’re terrible at everything?