Tommy Bowden, the gift that keeps on giving

Thanksgiving may only be a meal, but I suspect Agent Muschamp is mighty grateful for the assist he just got from Clemson’s former head coach.  (h/t)

I suspect that bad boy’s already gone up on a few locker room walls.  Hell, Boom’s probably gonna stuff a turkey or two with it while he’s at it.


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16 responses to “Tommy Bowden, the gift that keeps on giving

  1. That is not going to make one bit of difference. That little team Muschamp is trotting out there does not have enough to beat Clemson in Clemson on a Saturday night.

    SC might, might, have a chance if it was in Columbia and Clemson turned it over 6 times.


  2. Spike

    Boom both needs all the help he can get.. and he deserves whatever he gets.


  3. I’m not convince Dabo is a much better coach than Boom. Dabo is a ridiculous recruiter and struck gold with Watson and Venebles.

    Next year will tell me a lot more about Dabo.


    • UGA85

      Dabo has recruited and coached one of the nation’s top quarterbacks. He, as you mentioned, has hired and retained a top assistant coach. He has brought Clemson back from the dead, has come within an eyelash of beating Saban for the national championship, and he is on the verge now of winning another ACC championship and returning to the playoff. Boom basically did little at Florida, a school with more latent potential and upside than Clemson. I think Dabo has done an incredible job, though I guess Boom could potentially prove your point if he can beat Clemson and duplicate what Dabo has done while he is at SC. Is that what you expect Boom to do? He, admittedly, has done well this year. I guess we will see.


      • 92 grad

        I agree that dabo has done a great job at clemmy. It is still true that we will see what he’s made of in the next 2 years. They have recruited well but as we all know, they need the next man up to not miss a step.

        Also, Dabo seems to live by the “we’re just lil OL Clemson and we don’t get respect so go out there and show em what we do” schtick wont last forever either. Only so much David vs. Goliath can be tapped.


      • Macallanlover

        Agree, Dabo is underrated as a coach, does an excellent job in all facets of the job, on’t even know how that can be debated. If he leaves for Bama when that job opens up it would be a surprise. Great fit for Clemson, and he has a united fan base behind him.

        I don’t think they are one of the Top 5 teams in the country, offense spits and sputters, but that won’t keep them from dismantling a weak SC team. Boom takes one up the keister, and it is well deserved.


      • Not particularly. Boom might do a decent job at SCU, but I don’t think he would ever be able to turn it into what Dabo has going at Clemson.

        Dabo might be awesome, I just think his body of work pre-Watson was kinda meh.

        Especially given that Boyd was still very good in his own right and that the ACC was really down during those early years of his tenure.

        I look at the defense that Boom left at Florida and have no doubt that he knows how to build half a team.

        But I’ll be surprised if he ever gets to 10 wins at SCU. Limited instate talent base and I don’t see how the hell you convince someone to come voluntarily live in Columbia.


      • DawgPhan

        I mean all he has done is recruit great players, make great hires, and win a bunch of football games.

        Not so sure he is a great coach yet.

        This from the guy that will tell you that the points on the scoreboard dont tell you who really won.


  4. BigD

    Pat Dye told me they weren’t “Man Enough”.


  5. 81Dog

    Is it too soon to point out that maybe the hurricane hit the state of South Carolina a few weeks too early?????



    • Uglydawg

      There is actually a hurricane going right now in the Caribbean..somewhere between Costa Rica and Cuba.
      I can’t hate Boom, as much as I’ve tried to. I hope his team finds a way to beat Clemson. Stranger things have happened.
      He’s got an excellent QB and is team will play “lights out”..
      Yeah, they’ll almost certainly lose, though.
      I always pull for the SEC, except Tennessee.


  6. No, I’ve never said that dude. Fuck off.