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A blip in the narrative

You may have missed it, but the SEC East sux meme’s taken a bit of a hit in the last two weeks.

SEC Eastern Division teams were just 1-9 against their West counterparts until Georgia upset No. 9 Auburn, 13-7, on Nov. 12. Last week, the East notched its third and fourth wins when Florida upset LSU and Vanderbilt upset Ole Miss.

“I think it’s great for our conference,” Smart said Wednesday. “I think if you ask the commissioner and the people in the SEC office, they would want balance, because it was divided and originated to hopefully have balance. Certainly it hasn’t been that way, but the goal of the East is to close that off.

“You do that through development in recruiting and through game plans, building and moving on. I think the East is starting to do that, but it’s not like the West is going to stop.”

The final East-West matchup of the regular season takes place Friday afternoon when Missouri hosts Arkansas.

Nice while it lasted, I suppose.


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“First of all, you don’t put it all in one week.”

This sounds like it must have been a real “I coulda had a V8®” moment:

Georgia did work on Georgia Tech’s offense during the bye week to get its players an early look at what to expect. One area Georgia has practiced a lot of, however, is getting off of cut blocks, a staple of Johnson’s offense.

The Bulldogs work on this during individual drills every day in practice under defensive line coach Tracy Rocker. When Rocker got to Georgia in 2014 and had his players go through cut blocks on a regular basis, nose tackle John Atkins said he wondered why.

“We never knew what it was for until Georgia Tech week,” Atkins said. “That’s what it was for the whole time.”

Have I ever mentioned how much I like Tracy Rocker?


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I feel your pain, dog.

Yeah, the 2014 game blew chunks.  Although it’s funny nobody can summon up bitter tears specifically over the effing decision to squib kick.

If it were up to me, I’d make ’em all watch the last thirty seconds of regulation until they were in the mood to punch a few walls.  Which, when you think about it, shouldn’t take too many viewings.



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Get ‘yer Hate Week on, Day 4

Remember, if Stingtalk didn’t exist, we’d have to invent it.


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It wouldn’t be a GTP Thanksgiving…

… without a little WKRP.

The punchline in and of itself justified the existence of the show.  Hell, it may have justified the existence of television.  It’s that great.

Enjoy your day with family, friends, whomever and be grateful for life’s blessings.  They sure beat the alternative.


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