A blip in the narrative

You may have missed it, but the SEC East sux meme’s taken a bit of a hit in the last two weeks.

SEC Eastern Division teams were just 1-9 against their West counterparts until Georgia upset No. 9 Auburn, 13-7, on Nov. 12. Last week, the East notched its third and fourth wins when Florida upset LSU and Vanderbilt upset Ole Miss.

“I think it’s great for our conference,” Smart said Wednesday. “I think if you ask the commissioner and the people in the SEC office, they would want balance, because it was divided and originated to hopefully have balance. Certainly it hasn’t been that way, but the goal of the East is to close that off.

“You do that through development in recruiting and through game plans, building and moving on. I think the East is starting to do that, but it’s not like the West is going to stop.”

The final East-West matchup of the regular season takes place Friday afternoon when Missouri hosts Arkansas.

Nice while it lasted, I suppose.



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15 responses to “A blip in the narrative

  1. J-Dawg

    UGA on the rise; Rocky Flop on the rise; Gators on the rise; Vandy & UK on the rise; Mizzery & Sakerlina maybe. There will be an East SEC champ within two years. UGA will be the Bama of the East.


  2. Bob

    Actually, I think the east is better overall than last year. Vandy and Kentucky are clearly much better. Mizzou is marginally better. Carolina is also better than in Spurrier’s final year. Gators certainly are no worse and you could argue Vols are bit better despite all those injuries. Georgia proabably about the same.


    • Uglydawg

      Agree…East is slowly rising…Some of the West is waning.
      South Carolina and Tennessee fans expecting Natty’s next year.


    • Careful, if you make too many reasonable arguments about how this year’s schedule has been harder that the 2015 charmin, then DawgPhan will lose his shit.


  3. I see a lot of young talent in the east but I really only care about how Georgia does. I only chant SEC SEC after we win the SEC. I get the need for a strong conference, though


  4. 92 grad

    It’s just a slow moving cycle. In the 90’s the east owned it. Then west teams all got new coaches, the east pretty much maintained. Then those new coaches made progress and the east went through a bunch of coaches (except us of course). Looking at the coaching hires you can get a sense of what has gone on. The acc hired a lot of coaches in the last 5 years that are taking hold and they will continue to rise as well. Unrelated, CMR may be in a less volatile conference now at Miami but I think very soon the acc may feel very similar to the sec in that parity and scrutiny will ramp up quickly.


  5. None

    Mizzou is playing well all of a sudden. Down 21-7 early and now leading 28 to 24. Razorbacks are 3rd and twenty just outside the redzone with about a minute left. Tigers might just pull this one out.

    Wow, Arkansas receiver just dropped a pass in the end zone! 4th down now! Here we go. And Mizzou gets the sack. What a come back!


  6. jt (the other one)

    Well Senator…I guess you were wrong on the narrative 🙂

    I admit it. I expected Ark. to boatrace them too…


  7. Bob

    Really, when you think of it, outside of Alabama, there ain’t much difference. Georgia and Florida beat the two best teams not wearing Crimson. Mizzou beat the probable 4th best team in Arkansas. UT lost to A&M in College Station in OT after turning the ball over 7 times. Had the Orange won that it would have been 7-7 on the year. The SEC East ain’t great, but it is far from being worst division in CFB.