“First of all, you don’t put it all in one week.”

This sounds like it must have been a real “I coulda had a V8®” moment:

Georgia did work on Georgia Tech’s offense during the bye week to get its players an early look at what to expect. One area Georgia has practiced a lot of, however, is getting off of cut blocks, a staple of Johnson’s offense.

The Bulldogs work on this during individual drills every day in practice under defensive line coach Tracy Rocker. When Rocker got to Georgia in 2014 and had his players go through cut blocks on a regular basis, nose tackle John Atkins said he wondered why.

“We never knew what it was for until Georgia Tech week,” Atkins said. “That’s what it was for the whole time.”

Have I ever mentioned how much I like Tracy Rocker?



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11 responses to ““First of all, you don’t put it all in one week.”

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    With the warmth that our respected opponent has displayed this week: Jump in the air and stomp as hard as you can on the little twerp’s balls.


    • Sh3rl0ck

      I have always wondered why coaches don’t instruct the D-line to use their hands to get the O-lineman on the ground and then stomp on their kidneys. If they are going to go after your knees, they may as well piss blood for the next week.


  2. Spike

    He’s a bad Mo Fo..


  3. Q

    Do GT OL cut block their own DL guys during practice?


  4. Mark Richt

    It cuts both ways. Looks like Smart is a fan and of cut blocks too.



  5. All blocking below the waist should be against the rules, period.