Get ‘yer Hate Week on, Day 4

Remember, if Stingtalk didn’t exist, we’d have to invent it.


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19 responses to “Get ‘yer Hate Week on, Day 4

  1. Wow. It’s amazing the hate that can be generated through non-stop Minecraft and obsessive masturbation in your mother’s basement. I’m surprised they even have time to generate responses on the board.


  2. J-Dawg

    It’s amazing what a little “penis envy” does to a supposedly intelligent person.


  3. What. A. Bunch. Of. Losers.


  4. It is what it is. For a group of people that tell everyone they meet is smart and successful they all are, they sure seem to draw a lot of their self worth from where they are relative to UGA.


  5. StingTalk is quite possibly the worst collection of sports “fans” on the planet. I hope we’re reading a bunch of whining about how they should stop playing big, bad, nasty Georgia on Saturday afternoon and Sunday.


  6. FarmerDawg

    Wow, haven’t been down that road in a while. Triggered nerds are a mean lot indeed. I am now sufficiently reminded of the annual importance of this game to the North Avenue Trade School.


  7. mwo

    Two guys were sitting across from each other on a train. One said to the other, are you a graduate of UGA? Other guy says yes, how did you know? First guy says I saw the vet school seal on your briefcase, and I know that UGA has the most esteemed vet school in America. Second guy says that’s impressive, what year did you graduate from Tech? First guy says 1983, but how did you know I went to Tech? Was it my obviously superior intelligence? Second guy says no, I saw your class ring when you were picking your nose. Go Dawgs!!!


  8. 92 grad

    I just have to say, it’s perfectly ok and really sort of preferable for kids to be nerds. Being nerdy with your career hopes is great. What’s not ok? Can’t be a geek. I used to tell my students all the time “be a nerd, it means you’ve got priorities heading in the right places, just don’t turn into a geek”.



    Can’t do Stingtalk


  10. Tronan

    Stingtalk is why I want every play to be like this on our end.


  11. McTyre

    Good Lord, those people make the dregs of Dawg message boards sound like model citizens. Like SB suggested, UGA fans needn’t bother stereotyping Jacket fans when they do a superb job of it themselves.


  12. Spike

    Bless their little hearts.


  13. AO

    Calling them douches is an insult to douches.


  14. Doug

    Every time I hear a Tech fan piss and moan about how “classless” we are, I roll my eyes so hard that it briefly affects the rotation of the earth.


  15. Uglydawg

    Racial slurs, homophobic slurs, and wanting opposing players injured..
    Typical low class loser talk from North Ave. Cesspool.


  16. dawglover

    I hope Eason kills it, Chubb and McKenzie have 100+ yards, and Nauta, Godwin, and Ridley can catch every pass so we can show those jackets how it feels to be stung. Ready to ‘sic em. Go dawgs!


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