ACC need, baby.

If your team’s nothing special, pump your conference.

Johnson was asked, as he often is before the game, on the standing of the ACC vs. the SEC. In 2014, the ACC was 5-3 against the SEC. The SEC won in 2015, 6-4. Thus far, the ACC leads 3-2.

“We’re probably the only team that’s an underdog this year,” Johnson said of the SEC-ACC matchups this weekend. “I saw where I think Clemson and Louisville are probably three-touchdown favorites. Florida State’s probably a little less than that and we are what we are. I think it’s just an example that the ACC doesn’t have to take a backseat in football to anybody.”

If Tech loses and the other three win today, I guess Johnson can spend time at his presser bragging about the ACC’s great day.


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11 responses to “ACC need, baby.

  1. Macallanlover

    Even a broken watch is right at a small minority of the time. It seems FishFry has found one of those moments where the ACC can stand up and crow about success against the SEC. They have some talented squads this season, and managed to get some of the weaker SEC teams on their schedules at the right time. Doesn’t mean they are the superior conference, but they will enjoy a winning record in 2016.

    Guess it is appropriate that he be the one talking trash as GT has a long history of trash talking about the exception, not the norm, when discussing how Tech does. They have been a distant program from UGA for decades but only dwell on their rare successes. Bad thing is, UGA fans let them get away with it and give them respect they have not earned. Can they win some games? Remember the broken watch? Who cares to discuss football with Tech people? They simply aren’t worthy, be glad when they are reduced to being treated like Ga. Southern…home games only, every few years. Rest of you can give them respect if you wish, they haven’t been of any major significance since leaving the SEC. Can you say “mid major”?


    • HVL Dawg

      I think they’ve won a natty more recently than we have.


      • Uglydawg

        means zilch. same with Auburn.


      • Macallanlover

        No such thing to me (pre playoffs), especially that one. Clear your mind of that political silliness and enjoy the reality of the games. Even during BCS, it was contrived and a ceremonial bowl. Has driven a lot of judgements on teams and coaches for no obvious reason…except that we didn’t truly have a real playoff to determine a champion, not the best, but at least a champ.



    As long as UGA is 2-0 vs the ACC…fine with me…



    Dabo is 3-5 bs South Cackalacky


  4. Sam Johnson

    This is kind of a bogus comparison because the ACC plays SEC East teams almost exclusively – the sample is not random across both conferences. Auburn – Clemson this year was an exception. When is the last time the ACC played Alabama or any other West team? Oh right, that would’ve been SEC #1 beating ACC #1 for the national championship.


    • Uglydawg

      And this kind of bullshit from PJ is exactly why some people say Georgia gains little from playing the NATS. We usually get a W out of it, which is nice, but the arrogant cherry picking of the facts kind of give one the notion of humiliating them by saying “you’re just not on our level enough for this series to continue..We’ll play you once every 2 to 5 years at our place”.

      Keep in mind that this is the same silly bunch that had “State Champions” rings made a couple of years ago.

      Also..they are excited that they may get LSU in a bowl??? I hope so too!


    • Macallanlover

      East and West is to accommodate a playoff game, there is only one SEC and we have always been measured as such until this foolish media BS. We have all become divisive in this country in recent years. There is an ebb and a flow between how teams perform, nothing new.


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    Paul the Johnson is good at cherry picking data. After the 2014 game (grrr) he pointed out that he is 2-2 at Sanford Stadium.


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